Get Some Money With Stock Price Best Perhaps in GTA V

Just not in real life, in the game world GTA V or or Grand Theft Auto V is also known as the term Stock Exchange. In Indonesia, the term referred to the Indonesia Stock Exchange Stock Exchange or 1DX which in Indonesian means the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Indonesia Stock Exchange itself is the result of the combined exchanges between the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX) as the stock market and the Surabaya Stock Exchange (BES) as bonds and derivatives markets. From here, it can be deduced that the Stock Exchange is an attempt to supervise the movement of stock from time to time in such a place.


In GTA V himself used two stock indices is BAWSAQ and LCN. GTA V stock management in exactly the same as the real world where someone will buy shares and then sell it when the price goes up gta 5 hack
There are a few rules that you can use to get as much money from the Stock Exchange this. One thing you need to remember that you should not take stocks you buy are too long because stock prices will return to normal over time.

When using Franklin, you’ll get a mission from lester to kill a leader of the company. If you successfully carry out the mission, the shares of rival leader of the company will increase drastically. Here is Lester Mission will run:

• Hotel Assassination – purchase of shares in the index Betta Pharmaceuticals BAWSAQ
• Multi-targeted Assassination – purchase of shares in the index Debonaire Cigarettes LCN
• Vice Assassination – Fruit and purchase of shares in the index BAWSQ
• The Bus Assassination – purchase of shares in the index Vapid BAWSQ
• Construction Assassination – Gold Coast and selling shares in the index LCN
Besides Lester Mission, you can also try the following cheat at companies that have rivals. You can buy one of them and destroy his rival. You as the player will get the money after destroying the rival company. Here is a list of companies that you can buy shares and its rival:
• Bilkington – Dollar Pills
• Burgershot – Up-An-Atom
• clucking Bell – Taco Bomb
• Cool Bean – Bean Machine
• Ecola – Raine
• FlyUS – AirEmu
• Go Postal – Post OP
• Maze Bank – Bank Of Liberty
• Pisswasser – Logger
• Radio Los Santos – Worldwide FM
• Redwood Cigarettes – Cigarettes Debonaire
• Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter – Bullhead

For example, if before starting Bilkington cheat you buy a stock, then to earn much money you have to go to the airport and destroy aircraft bearing the Dollar Pill. From there, the shares previously eli Bilkington you will suddenly go up drastically. After that, you can sell a stock that has been purchased in advance and do not be too long take stocks because stocks will be back to normal.

Upgrade a PC to Play Online Games Weight

Upgrade a PC to Play Game Weight. UPGRADE is changed or added some tools (computer hardware) for performance and quality to be better than ever. Here Gamers will be sharing what is needed or needs to be upgraded in order to run heavy games and programs on the PC.

Keep in mind, the computer can be upgraded to have a minimum of intel LGA socket 775 and socket AM3 for AMD. If you are still using Intel Pentium 4 down and down for AMD AM2, you should sell or musiumkan (hehehe) Assemble your computer and the new computer. healthy Pentium IV computer prices are very cheap in the market, so you better save it as a collection.

Why ?

Good question. Computer Pentium IV or AMD AM2 down are no longer able to handle the latest games and weight of the current program. If you are forced to install VGA Mid End though, the result is definitely a bottleneck because procie jadul incapable of handling performance class Mid End VGA Card. Eg Pentium IV 4.2 GHz paired with a VGA Nvidia GTS 450 with a capacity of 1GB Memory Interface GDDR5 128 bit, obviously Procie Pentium IV this slow

pc hatweel

Upgrade a PC to Play Game Weight

If the PC you are going to upgrade is a PC with an Intel Pentium IV processor and AMD AM2 (as described above) is better new change. System requirements game Watch Dog 2014 was Intel Quad Core and AMD 6 Core.
If you use a PC motherboard LGA 775, it still can be upgraded. At least for the next 3 years can still be qualified to run heavy games and programs. LGA 775 still has a high-speed processor, almost on par with Core i5, the Intel Core 2 Quad has four core Core is definitely faster than the Core i3. But the Core 2 Quad is not in Arm with a graphic of a powerful and lose in terms of technology compared to Intel Core i Series. So you have to install additional Graphic Card. Core i5 and i3 must install a graphics card to be able to run games and the weight program. So the same

But the advantages of Core i series are already using higher mobo chipset and supports DDR3 RAM and a SATA 6Gb / s, this is a very distinguish between old technology with LGA 1150 LGA 775 upwards.
If your PC has a processor core i3, i5 or i7, it is definitely muantap buildup can be upgraded anywhere.

If your PC AMD socket AM3 it depends on your pocket, for Socket AM3 processors are a lot of different series at high speed. Even the fastest AMD processor was contained on socket AM3. If you are still using AM1 or AM2 socket, the better selling your PC and assemble a new one

Garcinia Cambogia Select To Health

Extracts from the fruit Garcinia Combogia now a warm conversation in many circles. It is not spared from the benefits for weight loss. The advantages of this Combogia Garcinia extract, not even escape the attention of the World in Holywood celebrities. Benefits Garcinia Cambogia select to diet is no doubt. Garcinia Combogia has a shape similar to a pumpkin with yellow, purple or some are colored red. Fruit can also be found in the southeastern part of the Asian continent and india India. Garcinia famous Combogia well as gelugur acid in Malay. Many of those who use or Garcinia Combogia gelugur acid for flavoring dishes to treatment.

Garcinia Combogia still one tribe against the mangosteen fruit is included in the family Guttiferae. The greatness of the fruit is known as the weight loss has been shown by research from the American Journal dieting. The study proves that this Combogia Garcinia can help weight loss is quite good, and there are other properties that reduced the size of blood sugar and waist size body. Researchers from the American Dieting Journal who has done research for two weeks with patients who have been named Garcinia Combogia. The study showed excellent results with the patient’s weight to drop to 3 kg. Benefits Garcinia Combogia fruit select or acid is, for the purposes of the diet is as follows:

garcinia cambogia select

How to Tips garcinia cambogia Select

1. As an appetite suppressant eating
Garcinia cambogia contains hydroxycitric acid or hydroxy citric acid are efficacious for the appetite suppressant. Garcinia Combogia been proven that this can resist the urge to eat as well as down fats. HCA was able to avoid changes in foods containing sugar and carbohydrates to be fat.

2. Deflate bloated stomach
Distended abdomen indeed disturbing appearance. This makes the clothes that you use will feel less uncomfortable and cramped to be less confident. How to use Garcinia Combogia in shrink bloated stomach can be done by taking one or two pieces of Garcinia Combogia dried. and add to the hot water. Wait a few hours until Garcinia Combogia expands and the water is warm. Drinking regularly early in the evening as well.

3. Relieves fever, aches and rheumatism
Reduce fever, aches and rheumatic use gelugur acid, can be done by consuming boiled water.

Garcinia Combogia select now available in the form of health supplements. Slimming supplements is different when compared to other slimming supplements. Garcinia Combogia actively to increase metabolism and not as a stimulant. Garcinia Combogia many processed for slimming drugs are safe for consumption because it does not lead to high blood pressure or heartbeat that works with select Combogia Fast. Garcinia can inhibit fat storage enzymes in the body. By doing so, the body not to store fats that cause obesity. Food consumed will be directly used by the body to increase energy. Component substances or Hydroxyctric Acid HCA in Garcinia Combogia have a role in inhibiting the enzyme to form fat in the body, the enzyme ATP. Given the HCA, the new fat that enters the body will be subsequently burned by the body.

Such information about Garcinia Combogia select. For those of you who want to diet, it does not hurt to try this herbal supplement that is safe and without side effects at all. Hopefully this article helpful.

Business With The Family? The Six-Note This!

Running a business with the family certainly has a range of advantages. But if not managed professionally, not just be bad business but also imposes against disconnecting fellow family members.

Business tips

From a report published by The Wall Street Journal revealed in 2011 although some family members or couples able to run his business smoothly, but a lot happened, the business often make their relationship ended. That’s why the family business together requires rules and shared commitment.

Then, anything that must be prepared in building a family and business partner?

The following six key points in building a business with family

. The Division of roles and responsibilities are clear

This is the main thing in running the family business. It should be clear at the beginning of the A stint as what? SI B working on what? With the Division of tasks, each family member knows its work each, so no mixing tasks.

In the Division of roles and responsibilities should be selected based on the advantages and disadvantages of a family member. Necessary adjustments between the capacity which are owned by the demands of work skills. Where in this role Division are chosen by the leader of the family business?

2. avoid double leadership

Still stuck point 1, in the Division of tasks must be clear who is leading and who is headed. Don’t because this family business, everyone wants to be a leader. In addition to the ambiguous, this will cause confusion for employees who become a vassal because of different decisions between the leaders. If it continues, cross the opinion will culminate in quarrels and damage the system.

3. limitation of work with personal problems

Never mix work Affairs with personal relationships. Don’t sementang-mentang You are closest relatives with the leader, you arbitrarily in the works. Began to arrive late at work, go home soonest, todo goes wrong and so on.
Remember this is a business where it takes a strong commitment to run it. Where family business is no longer think of personal interests but on the basis of common interests.

4. Employment Agreement

Often in building the family business agreement is often overlooked. Though this is very important. Because with this agreement as a commitment to family members in the bond business. Of this agreement will also know the terms and compensation that will he get.

In addition the family agreement can also make someone doesn’t work arbitrarily according to his/her preferences alone because he is the leader of the closest relatives. So if there are applicable rules are violated, the leader can easily and ‘ tasty ‘ rebuke even give warnings.

5. clear salary Division

In the hire of employees, should be based on the capacity and his ability. So even though the person is there blood relations with you, does not mean salary higher than employees who have a position similar to that of your family members.

This is in addition to the fair will also spur a close relative for trying hard to advance a business venture. Because without great effort and commitment then nothing in return for the service will be accepted.

6. Mutual trust and open

Like running a business in General, running a family business is also sure to have challenges and problems that will arise. Therefore, if there is a conflict in running wheel business, it’s good to open each other in presenting existing problems. So with the openness expected obtained the best solution between both sides.

Other references: the easy way to Choose your business partners so that Our Business is progressing by leaps and bounds

Usually in the face of tough times, a fellow Member of the family that are open will tend to be more strengthened. And the most important thing is the sense of trust between each other.

If the problems continue to arise is a good idea to involve a third party. Since usually a third party will be more clear in looking at existing problems so that it brings about a solution together and the best.

Tips On Using Facebook On Android

‘ve definitely know familiar dong the same one social media, Facebook, which has the largest number of users in the world amounting to about 1.49 billion users worldwide? Well, for you who like to use Facebook on your Android phone I think 7 tips and tricks the following compulsory very followed let more fun Facebook sharing time on Android. Curious? If so look well Yes.
Benefits of Facebook and twitter for Corporate Management
Use Widgets Facebook
Facebook widget is a simple but Login Page very useful display for you using Facebook every day. This widget features to facilitate you in checking the latest status change also posts your friends without the need to pay attention to other spaces, such as the one on the application in its entirety. In addition, you can also create a status update by simply using the Facebook widget you on your mobile phone display screen your Android.

Manage Your Account Notification
Often not convenient if the notification of the update status can be your friend? Calm, Facebook provides the notification settings that can help you create the notification On and Offset. If doesn’t want to bother with notification notifications for posting wall, Inbox, comments, or request friendship, stay disabled notification is successful.

Find Points Of Interest Around You
Interestingly, Facebook app for Android offers features that can help you create a find of interest your around, while this feature can not be used by Facebook users on the website of his website. Usage is also really easy, you just need to choose the Nearby Places to find interesting places via Facebook. If you’ve been living in tap then all the complete information about the place that can direct you get.

Sharing From Other Applications
Loopers, lately you more friends exist in virtual worlds because they are sharing all of the social media activity to Facebook. You also don’t want to Miss. This is the easiest way for you who want Facebook to automatically connect with all the social media you ranging from Twitter, Path, as well as Instagram.

Check The Security Of Your Account

Tips for doing business with family or friends in a professional manner

Have a colleague or partner in business is a reasonable thing in running a business. There are some people who choose family or friends as partners in the business. Why is it with family or friends? Because they are the ones that we think are closely and get to know it better than anyone else. Of course, it will facilitate communication and minimize business risks.

cara sukses

One of the Disadvantages of doing business with family or friends

Although it will ease communication, but in terms of ber-partner with family or friends have shortcomings, namely the lack of professionalism. This occurs due to the absence of a firm rule in running a business. Often there is a sense or feel free to discharge if had to reprimand when an error occurs. If this is allowed to continuously, it will interfere with the operations of your business.

Tips for doing business with family or friends

With anyone you work together, attitude professionalism must remain guarded. Here is how to maintain a professional doing business with family or friends.

1. a clear description of the work

Before you start doing business with family or friends, make sure you’ve prepared a clear jobless. Sit together and discuss each assignment in accordance with skill and experience. Determine also who’s responsible when an entry was not due to illness or leave. With a clear division of tasks, then their respective personnel will know the tasks and responsibilities of each.

2. Determine the ownership of a business

In General, the Division of the percentage ownership split 50:50, 40:60, etc depending on the magnitude of capital given. Determine business ownership should be discussed seriously. In addition to considering the magnitude of the increase in capital was also in terms of time spent in running the business, which is working on it full time or part time.

3. Discuss risk

Analysis of risks in doing business should be done, including even the worst risk, for example, of the possibility of disconnecting your friendship. Discuss the various possibilities of risks with a partner will make you ready with precautions when problems occur.

4. A written contract

Doing business with family or friends could do not mean arbitrarily. In addition, to clarifying tasks, responsibility, and ownership of the business, the thing that is often overlooked is the existence of a contract or written agreement which is a legal proof. With the existence of a contract or written agreement will reinforce the things that already agreed with and support the professionalism your cooperation. The deal which is usually listed in the contract include: an explanation of how the company will be run, the determination of rights and obligations in the work, setting the ownership of shares in the company, the determination in a decision that will be made, and procedures in the settlement of disputes. You can also add a couple of points that you think are important to be poured in the contract. Do not let a business trip cooperation with family or friends become bogged down because it is not professionally managed.

5. Determine for results

Division of profit results must be done transparently by mutual agreement. Ideally is each party that put the capital stock should get a division of business results according to the percentage of capital given. Discuss the results openly done so that there is no wrong prejudice. Isn’t the main capital in partnering is mutual trust and openness? Many businesses or businesses that are already established and worked well, but it must run aground due to profit sharing.

Doing business with family or friends it was fun. However, if the absence of a commitment or an agreement that is clearly in the running of the business, then it will backfire to your business. The five points above will help your business with family or friends in order not to end up with the dispute.

What to look for when choosing ceramic

Tiled flooring remains the favorite choice to complement any home. Various types and colors being its main attraction. Recalling his model can last for a long time, choose Linoleum Flooring becomes one to be aware of. Here are a few things that can be made into consideration before buying a ceramic floor tile:
Home Decoration Interior decorating
1. Color and size
Adjust the size of the tile floor with a room in the House. The larger the size of the ceramics will make the room look more spacious. It is particularly suitable when applied in small spaces. So it is with color selection, which can support the beauty of a room. When the room looks dark and narrow, bright colors are still an option to look to make the room more spacious and bright. If the room is large enough, the selection of more color. You can customize the color of the floor with paint or wallpaper walls that are used in a room. If you want to bring the warmth in the room, you can choose the color with a tiled floor is darker and smaller size.

2. The selection of the floor surface
Tile floor should be adapted to the room that will be used. Glasur used for ceramic flooring is composed of various kinds, such as glossy (shiny), satin, matte or textured. This is the thing that distinguishes whether slippery tiled floors. Any use should be adapted to be fitted with tiled floors, indoors or outdoors. Tiled floors for exteriors should withstand exposure to weather, water absorption has a lower surface and generally glasur. Meanwhile, for slippery areas such as bathrooms, garage or kitchen should use a rough texture and is not glossy in order not easily slip. For public areas, tiled floors are used as well as abrasion resistant stains should remember this area into a place that is often impassable. Note the glasur quality, low quality because if glasur will disappear quickly. When you use the glossy floor or semi-glossy any stains are easily removed.

How to service their own Acer laptop keyboard

Some time ago, my laptop keyboard repair that depressed themselves. in fact I’ve discussed before. but after my further analysis. there are several things that are found by me and I think what often discussed the possibility there was a little mistake. for example, using a cutter to scratch coating on a laptop keyboard that can cause the most damage. on this day, I will try to explain why our keyboard components, and what must we do to fix it.


Based on the analysis that I have collected to repair the laptop keyboard.
Using a cutter to improve the actual keyboard may, however, if the main line of the metal plate on a laptop keyboard,
it is not good but instead will result in keyboard does not work at all. the reason is easy, when we scratch the possibility of such components, metal plate lines that connect to the keyboard disconnected. therefore we must be careful in fixing the keyboard. the results of my analysis, the laptop keyboard has three layers of paper that you can lift with tweezers. so no need to scratch, just in the lift with tweezers and clean the grime on the inside lining of the keyboard.

The first layer which is located above the first metal plate has not connected as point and when pressed those points are the points on the third layer and eventually led or display a response button on the screen in accordance with suppressed. in which the second layer is a barrier so that the first and third layers are not connected directly which ultimately led to his own laptop keyboard keys depressed. while the third layer is the main component of which is connected with several lines metal plate to the laptop. Now that you know the components of the keyboard. Next we will try several ways to fix it.

Fixing a laptop keyboard that pressure continues.

The first thing that we have to do is check the virus, if the current in windows desktop keyboard depressed themselves. then we have to check whether previously obtain the file from the internet or not. if yes then delete the file first or loose. then test your laptop back. alter ego, is to turn off the laptop and then turn it on again. listen to the sound of the laptop before the windows logo appears. if the laptop so it hangs (dark blank screen), or no sound as the alarm sounding continuously. if yes certainly does damage to the keyboard on a laptop that can result from dust or other things. but if there is no noise or error before the windows logo, and in the end turned out to be only a problem when the desktop only. then certainly there is a viral infection that caused the laptop keyboard depressed continuously.

For laptops antecedent infection by the virus, we test again by pressing the F8 key after the first logo appears. and then we try to safe mode menu windows, for others there F12 keys and so on, so please try it yourself. after successfully entered safe mode menu windows, we will see that the laptop keyboard stopped depressed themselves. then after that clean the virus with our favorite antivirus. If you ask why we have to scan with the antivirus through the windows safe mode, the reason is simple. if in normal mode, it will be a bit difficult to use antivirus and so on because the keys on the keyboard are always under pressure himself, while in safe mode windows, and if it is a virus that works, then the keyboard will definitely stop depressed themselves. already understand right now.

for damage due to dust or other things, then we see the first button on the keyboard part that depressed themselves. as an example. the letter A. The key then lift it off the keyboard component. then use 2 pieces of tweezers to lift and push up out of the dust components. so one pair of tweezers to lift, and one of her longer to drive. if indeed exposed to dust, then the laptop will be back to normal. whereas if you are still having problems depressed own keyboard, then try with another key analysis, whether the buttons the others are affected as well, causing the main switch is damaged. Also clean the other buttons. in my opinion, disconnect the keyboard of a laptop and then wipe with clapping hands to the keyboard so that all the dust out.

If it had been, but the problem persists, it could be because there is rust due to water-on keyboard laptop or hand sweat and so on. to this problem that I have not found the right solution. but you can try with a rust remover to solve this problem. do not use ordinary water as it will only add to the damage on the laptop keyboard. water will cause the paper to become a scratch and eventually became increasing iron rust. whereas if you use other materials such as gasoline and so might cause paper layer becomes damaged.

How Fast way to Get Magical Chest in Clash Royale

Chest is one of the items available in the game clash royale in which there are a lot of resources of gold and gems card there are 3 types of chest which can mate get this to game namely silver chest, chest gold and magical chest.

Of course to get the chest three different levels of difficulty acquiring silver chest with one another is very easy to get the gold chest a little bit difficult but easy while the magical chest very hard to get it.

Well if you feel the difficulties in obtaining and get a magical chest this time I will give you simple tricks and tips fast and free way to get magical chest in game clash royale which can mate trying to emulate and apply.

Need to know how my friend is based on my own experiences that happen to just love this game clash royale okay no need to linger longer refer to step stride sob.

Here’s the trick I In Getting Magical Chest Quickly and Easily

Ensure Free Chest and Crown Chest in the next state.
When doing battle king area bout earned both right and left pal tower destroyed first and then destroy the king tower in the middle.
Win streak battle fight 5 times in a row.
Thus most likely will get a magical chest buddy buddy want.

Here’s a simple trick me in quickly obtaining and get a magical chest if my friend interested to trick me please follow sob here factor of confidence and luck will determine sob okay buddy so first Quick Ways to Get Magical Chest and super magical chest in clash royale cards  is just trying to don good luck thanks may be useful.


Small Capital Business Fortunately A Large And Profitable

Looking for revenue with running entrepreneurial has many different side when compared to earn a salary as an employee. Do self-employment as a self-employed skills needed indeed observant to know where a profitable business with small capital. Therefore, looking for information on the types of business opportunities that promise profits must often excavated from a variety of sources including.


The Essential Guide To Start A Business Without Capital Which Must Be Known In Order To Successfully

A Profitable Business Doesn’t Have To Be With A Big Capital

A great many who have thought that to have a business must have a capital first. And capital is always synonymous with money. This kind of thinking is not always true. Because of the vast amount of various types of small businesses that are profitable even without having to spend a lot of money to start run status as entrepreneurs.

Information: The Key To Getting The Business Opportunities With Small Capital

While this has become his information. That is, who controlled the information, so he can easily to win a battle in the field of business. Because the business is basically not much different from competing to get the best especially in terms of getting a promising business.

One of the keys to getting the right information to know the business profit is to rely on the internet. With the internet, the businessmen can search for news or info on market development and production in many places and ways of doing business that corresponds to a specific time and place.

Early Internet business opportunity that is running this business Only from home

Moreover, with the support and the development of technology that increasingly advanced, where how to access the internet can be done with a variety of tools that are easy to obtain in the market. Latest modern Smartphones have had many applications that support to do business (read: business applications Android and BlackBerry applications for business).

Tablets and laptops are becoming a popular tool and more and more people owned. The Tablet has an ability that is relatively similar to the smart phone just has a larger size that can help for your small business promotion.

Young Children Love To His Own Business With Small Capital

Even today many young once (maybe a lot of them are also very old adults) who are more than happy to do small capital business opportunity which can be easily obtained on the internet. Many once promising business in the form of this type of venture capital to small good thing big that there are on the internet.

Why is it called a promising effort? Because the example of this effort is only requires very little money capital. Operational Ogkos the most needed by the business this is the time and creativity.

In this way, they never get confused to find work again. Because of some of the data obtained, those who belong to a young age still a student or an average student.

So when still remain in their search for knowledge, they’ve been able to raise money for college tuition and other living expenses. But there is also a way of doing business that made it into the main work because it gives good results especially for the cost of their family hiup.

Types Of Business Opportunities That Are Suitable For Young Children – The Minimum Capital Promising

Home-Based Businesses Small Capital Profit Is Great For Anyone

You currently as employees or not, be aware of the business opportunities that can be done other major time interrupted by looking at the business side. Because in fact lots of business that can be run from home or home business that can be relied upon as the main or side business ventures.

It could be not you ask like that but there are others such as the housewife who also have the same curiosity to open business with small capital. Here we discuss the type and variety of small capital business fortunately a great promise.

Understanding Business With Small Capital

Understanding of the term business with small capital is an undertaking that requires a monetary investment funds whose value small to run the business. How large or small the value? Everyone certainly has the size of each are different for each person.

We try to look at the definition of a small business in a country. Based on the decision of the President of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA No. 99 in 1998 small business sense is: “the people’s economic activities small-scale with businesses that are majority are small and need to be protected to avoid unhealthy business competition.”. With the terms that are included in the Kepres include:

The maximum net worth Rp-200,000,000.0, not including land and building businesses.
Maximum annual sales of Rp. 1,000,000,000.0 (one billion Dollars).
It turned out great too Yes its worth if it follows the rules. But that’s merely a definition only. While we will explore examples of small capital business profit is great.

10 essential steps using Video Marketing that many buyers and Sell Hard

Small Capital Business Opportunities Huge Profit

If you are still the controversy to know business is profitable even if only with a capital of skimpy money, please read the examples and the type of business that does anyone know a good fit with your character.

Bisnis Pulsa Elektrik

I’m sure there have been many who know that this business requires only a small capital. How much capital is the money that you need to be able to start this business? Of the many places that offer as business agents selling electrical pulses, you are not prompted any registration fees. All it takes is, you register yourself, having a mobile phone and buy the toll will soon deposit you are selling.

The amount of the deposit that you can buy around Rp. 100,000.0-only. This means that this is a business with a capital of one hundred thousand dollars only. Imagine your own business with a capital of Rp. 100,000.0-you can have your own PT as small capital franchise business namely the company’s electrical pulses. Excellent right.