Meet the impending Google Trips, a magnificent Travel Assistant


It is not any news to say that now is the time of attendees, or at least believe that they have been able to improve and provide us with some of the aspects of our lives. One of the best known is Cortana, of which we have already spoken on occasion, although there are many others.

There are many ways to create a wizard that could be really useful, just needs to think in a concrete situation in which we could come Pearl a little help. As always, Google is known to many of our needs, and is for this reason that you have already thought about one, but on what exactly?

Google Trips, a complete travel assistant

Precisely what Google has thought is that anyone might need a good travel assistant to have the information well organized while you are out. It is actually an application that still has not come to light, because they can indeed just try your beta some lucky. That Yes, seems that it could land on our Android devices to take not much.

What we can find in Google Trips is the following: a list of which we have already fact and we’re going to do, which are added automatically to the application from scanning to our mail from Gmail, but also the user can add them manually. By clicking on “destination”, users may observe many aspects of the trip, as for example the reserves, things to do in place, saved sites, restaurants…

As explained from Droid Life, if you click “Things to do”, appears on display the most recently visited sites other tourists in the place that is going to go. In addition, the app has a tool with which indicate and explain the traveler how to go from your location to the destination.

In fact Google Trips appears to be an application something similiar to Google Maps, although obviously much more focused to travel and to aid tourists. Do not think you cool the arrival of this app with the imminent summer season?

Castle Clash – Attack and Defense tips


Tips for the defense in Castle Clash

One more thing that is neglected by many players, but is very important for the success is the defense of the own base in Castle Clash. Many players fall right on building its own army with powerful forces, forget also the own defensiveness and defense. If you only with little or even no defense of another player be successfully attacked and defeated, then that can back pretty fast go and become more expensive. They would often build base for the gold and the raw materials also fortifications and walls in the own Castle Clash.

Therefore applies only once that you should provide a basic defense in Castle Clash. These include fortifications, of course next to walls. The arrangement of the walls, you could say too much what we do but again in an additional article.

Not a great wall to see the whole base, but to move all major buildings (for example, the Commons, main building) with a wall and then to the conclusion in principle here also for the first time, once again a wall around all of the buildings. The walls also to defenses are useful because they are so for now protected for a few seconds before the attackers.

Important notes for the Castle Clash defense: many players make the missing and swaying in safety if you build all the buildings at the edge so the opponent theoretically only from one direction can attack. This is wrong, no later than when the first air units there are, then this build order does not get further, rather the contrary.

Castle Clash: Tips and tricks to attack

The attack of another player in Castle Clash is the goal of many players, no wonder almost certainly because it is great fun to take down the camps by other players and raw materials such as gold, as well as the coveted honor points to get us. But also during the attack, there are some things to consider, we have provided you here shortly.

You choose the opponent well: in the search after a target in Castle Clash choose out well the opponent. You should especially pay attention on the enemy. This has for example, only a few walls and defenses are also scarce simply, then this is certainly the right target. While not as lump-sum can be said this because it depends on your units mix. If you have, for example, air units and see that the opponent has no or little Defense for it, then this is of course the correct destination. In addition, it is useful only have players to attack that only a few troops in the base. For what many initially don’t know in Castle Clash, the troops can help the defense.

Look for the gold and mana: before the attack in Castle Clash, you should visit on the gold and mana of the respective players. Because applies here, the more gold and mana who owns players, get more free gold with this castle clash hack tool the more can also get you in a successful attack.

What are the requirements to access the bonuses in the contract?

the bonuses in the contract

We spoke days ago by types of contracts there in Spain in 2015 (indefinite, temporary, learning, practice and part-time), and once we mentioned that employers themselves can access bonuses for hiring workers.

What about the bonuses?

They are deductions of quota resulting that certain percentages are applied to the same. Its purpose is the reduction of the costs of Social Security in companies and they are aimed at the recruitment of workers belonging to certain social groups.

Requirements for access to subsidies

There are many requirements that allow us to access these bonuses, the main ones are the following:

  • Entrepreneur should be aware in the fulfillment of tax obligations and against social security, just as at the date of discharge from the workers as also while the corresponding bonuses are applied.
  • The employer must not be excluded from access to the benefits derived from the implementation of employment programmers by the Commission of very serious offenses not prescribed.
  • The person hired must be unemployed and registered with the public employment service.
  • If the contract of employment which the employer carries out is part-time, is only entitled to a proportion of the incentive function of as it is this day.
  • Important: If the entrepreneur can attend more than one bonus, only you can choose between one of them.

What are the main groups whose indefinite hiring reclamation?

A huge amount of collective, are really bonus but the most notable are those belonging to these types: women victims of gender violence, unemployed under the age of 30 years, persons with disabilities and persons in a situation of social exclusion.

Bonuses in the business fee for young people

These bonuses alone are granted if the employer hires young people between 16 and 30 years, 83.33 euros/month the first year (1 000 euros per year), 91,67 EUR/month the second (1,100 euros per year) and €100 / month the third (1,200 euros per year). These bonuses are cumulative to other entrepreneur may have that right until you reach a maximum of 100 per cent of the business quota.

Bonuses in the business share for over 45 years

These bonuses are limited practically in the application to over 45 long-term unemployed, the requirements are that the contract should have been enrolled in at least 12 of the last 18 employment office. The amount would be 108,33 euros/month (1,300 euros per year).

Bonuses in sectors where women are little represented

These, in the case of young women, the bonus would be 108,33 euros/month (1,300 euros/year) and the highest in 45 years €125 / month (1,500 euros/year).

Bonuses in the quota for the disabled

If the employer signed a permanent contract with a disabled person, would have the full right to access a bonus of 50 percent of the employers’ social security contributions.

As an entrepreneur, it is really important that you know all this kind of bonuses and incentives, such as the flat rate of 100 euros, which can bring down your monthly expenses in hiring staff.

Purchases and payments online is entrenched in Spain, the figures behind it

payments online

In the year 2015, with figures of integration of mobile technology in homes and Internet use from any screen that seemed unreal until a few years ago, it is today a complete reality. We talk to our known at any time and situation, we can see online news, books, magazines, movies, routes to destinations to which we will go in a matter of minutes, and of course, shopping online.

The latter activity continues to attract more and better figures since 2009, and is that despite the digital gap in Spain for which there are still many people who do not have access routinely Internet or are not familiar with its use, users increasingly buy more digitally, in markets like Amazon, eBay or business classic the English Court but without resorting to physical property.

The secure online payments convince more and more people, and just an interesting form when making these payments, thinking especially in the repairs of the main users in regards to include their personal accounts and cards form online, online payments are prepaid cards. These allow us to make purchases through the web safely in any of our products but only by entering a PIN that includes each of these cards, which at any time we identify with our personal data.

Many companies online payments have made it clear that security is today one of the main obstacles for online business and selling products and services continues to multiply in our country. It is precisely payments through mobile devices which seem to still have fewer followers, but may be only be a need for time for Internet acquire the habit of consuming so online. To do this, have the backing of major banks and large companies, ensure the personal data of users and promote increasingly use and enjoyment.

Comfort, ease of access, the ability to see opinions from a lot of users, are some of the main reasons for adopting a model of secure online purchase. Large businesses have been born directly in this new modality, known as e-commerce or e-commerce, but figures increased in recent years in our country, there is no doubt that it is a model that will be a reference in the short and medium term.

5 essential profiles in your startup team

startup team

Too many entrepreneurs have a habit of doing everything ourselves with little help, we suffer what some categorized as “Lone Wolf Syndrome” and others compare us with some typical symptoms of a psychopath. The fact is that the need to have a good team does not lie in the inability to succeed on our own but that “more can be done with the help of others“. We discussed the other day leisure entrepreneur and today we are going to focus on.

5 profiles which are essential in your startup team

We do not speak of the professional team of assistants, employees or vendors. That team helps you get the job done but what about you and your vision ?. We try the support team whose goal is to keep in line with the importance of your vision and the goals you’ve chosen.

  • Someone who brings clarity. You need a long-term visionary to help you think BIG. It is a formula for not getting lost in small everyday activities and be aware of the major objectives set.
  • Someone who has an ability to focus “laser” By this I mean that you help make sense of the pieces of the “puzzle” that every day will generate the big picture of the future. It is an interesting profile as it will focus on short-term priorities and help us increase our productivity levels.
  • Someone who thinks “outside of the box” A truly creative person is not maintained in line with the provisions. This page will help us to overcome obstacles and maintain high levels of innovation in our company.
  • Someone who gives us emotional balance is critical to have an emotional support that allows us to grow as leaders in our company. We need to stay balanced emotionally to move forward.

As you can see, these profiles are not technical profiles but those who serve personal support in the team and are essential to advance as a startup in line with their characteristics.

If you want to know more, feel free to leave it in the comments.

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The 4 main sources of funding for a startup

funding for a startup

As good entrepreneurs will come a time when our startup grow and not be able to meet its growth with the resources of our “friends, family and fools” so we’ll have to go find external financing. What non-bank sources of external funding we can access?

As we have seen in EducoPark, a startup has its own characteristics that make them difficult to access external funding, this strongly influences the type of sources you can access. Let’s look very briefly the various primary sources.

Main sources

  • Venture Capital: It is a branch of the venture capital that focuses on early stages of business such as startups. It intervenes through Venture Capital entities and, also, are considered including the Family Offices that manage the family fortunes and, according to Javier Megías, already beginning to devote up to 10% of their assets to investment in startups
  • Business Angels: as defined by the U.S. SEC, are individuals of high net-worth and with much experience in the business world that not only invest capital in the startups they provide contacts, mentoring, etc. You can further investigate the business angels in this article.
  • Crowdfunding: We’ve already talked about the various branches of crowdfunding in EducoPark. It is a new funding formula that can significantly reduce our borrowing costs and, in recent years, it has not stopped growing.
  • Equity loans: are quite extended at the national level and in the consulting firm where work I have seen the high potential. They are highly recommended for its enormous advantages in addressing the initial growth and validation of our business.

Currently in Spain there are other public alternatives with some public entities are drawing lines very interesting funding for startups as ENISA. Well worth stopping to analyze and honestly, my recommendation is to go to experts in the field. It is a real can carry out all the paperwork and we have to focus on our business. I hope to address this issue in depth soon!

Overall in Europe, the most widespread source of non-bank external funding are business angels with more than 70% of the total in 2014 while venture capital remains around 20%. You have to think very well what your financing needs and see if it’s worth because you will require considerable effort.

If you want to know more do not hesitate to write a comment!

What is a startup and what are its main features?


Lately we read a lot about the “startups” continually out there but do we really know what it is? Was any startup business can be considered at an early stage? Today we will define the startup and see what are its main features as several prominent authors.

We can define the startup as a temporary organization that seeks to validate the different components of the business model and launch a minimum viable product to market by obtaining an initial critical mass of customers to start growing.

It speaks to validate that the startup is a phase of an innovative new business. Such businesses do not have past references and have no data on the possible success you might have, that is, we are dealing with businesses that are going to move in conditions of extreme uncertainty. In fact, a high percentage of them end up disappearing.

By not know, you do not know if you’re going to have some customers interested in paying something for your solution. Not always is the solution to be bad, it might also not be the right time to bring it to market so the goal under the philosophy “lean startup” is “whether to fail, fail as quickly as possible and lower cost”. Therefore, the startup attempt to validate whether there is business for your solution and structure the business model to know what and how to provide value to their customers and to grow rapidly.

When it comes to external funding, as Steve Blank authors state that startups have to find that their business model meets a series of conditions:

  • Repeatable. You understand the most of your business and be able to replicate.
  • Profitable. You get your business profitable at some point in time.
  • Scaleable. Your business model allows you to grow rapidly without increasing costs proportionately.

We seek the fulfillment of these conditions if we want to facilitate the process of seeking funding to launch our solution successfully market and it is essential that we validated that there is a group of people who are willing to pay for it.

In following articles we will try to explain what a model repeatable and scalable business. If you want to know more about a particular aspect, leave it in the comments. If you want to see some examples of startups you can have a look at 5 startups more features 2015.