How to service their own Acer laptop keyboard

Some time ago, my laptop keyboard repair that depressed themselves. in fact I’ve discussed before. but after my further analysis. there are several things that are found by me and I think what often discussed the possibility there was a little mistake. for example, using a cutter to scratch coating on a laptop keyboard that can cause the most damage. on this day, I will try to explain why our keyboard components, and what must we do to fix it.


Based on the analysis that I have collected to repair the laptop keyboard.
Using a cutter to improve the actual keyboard may, however, if the main line of the metal plate on a laptop keyboard,
it is not good but instead will result in keyboard does not work at all. the reason is easy, when we scratch the possibility of such components, metal plate lines that connect to the keyboard disconnected. therefore we must be careful in fixing the keyboard. the results of my analysis, the laptop keyboard has three layers of paper that you can lift with tweezers. so no need to scratch, just in the lift with tweezers and clean the grime on the inside lining of the keyboard.

The first layer which is located above the first metal plate has not connected as point and when pressed those points are the points on the third layer and eventually led or display a response button on the screen in accordance with suppressed. in which the second layer is a barrier so that the first and third layers are not connected directly which ultimately led to his own laptop keyboard keys depressed. while the third layer is the main component of which is connected with several lines metal plate to the laptop. Now that you know the components of the keyboard. Next we will try several ways to fix it.

Fixing a laptop keyboard that pressure continues.

The first thing that we have to do is check the virus, if the current in windows desktop keyboard depressed themselves. then we have to check whether previously obtain the file from the internet or not. if yes then delete the file first or loose. then test your laptop back. alter ego, is to turn off the laptop and then turn it on again. listen to the sound of the laptop before the windows logo appears. if the laptop so it hangs (dark blank screen), or no sound as the alarm sounding continuously. if yes certainly does damage to the keyboard on a laptop that can result from dust or other things. but if there is no noise or error before the windows logo, and in the end turned out to be only a problem when the desktop only. then certainly there is a viral infection that caused the laptop keyboard depressed continuously.

For laptops antecedent infection by the virus, we test again by pressing the F8 key after the first logo appears. and then we try to safe mode menu windows, for others there F12 keys and so on, so please try it yourself. after successfully entered safe mode menu windows, we will see that the laptop keyboard stopped depressed themselves. then after that clean the virus with our favorite antivirus. If you ask why we have to scan with the antivirus through the windows safe mode, the reason is simple. if in normal mode, it will be a bit difficult to use antivirus and so on because the keys on the keyboard are always under pressure himself, while in safe mode windows, and if it is a virus that works, then the keyboard will definitely stop depressed themselves. already understand right now.

for damage due to dust or other things, then we see the first button on the keyboard part that depressed themselves. as an example. the letter A. The key then lift it off the keyboard component. then use 2 pieces of tweezers to lift and push up out of the dust components. so one pair of tweezers to lift, and one of her longer to drive. if indeed exposed to dust, then the laptop will be back to normal. whereas if you are still having problems depressed own keyboard, then try with another key analysis, whether the buttons the others are affected as well, causing the main switch is damaged. Also clean the other buttons. in my opinion, disconnect the keyboard of a laptop and then wipe with clapping hands to the keyboard so that all the dust out.

If it had been, but the problem persists, it could be because there is rust due to water-on keyboard laptop or hand sweat and so on. to this problem that I have not found the right solution. but you can try with a rust remover to solve this problem. do not use ordinary water as it will only add to the damage on the laptop keyboard. water will cause the paper to become a scratch and eventually became increasing iron rust. whereas if you use other materials such as gasoline and so might cause paper layer becomes damaged.

How Fast way to Get Magical Chest in Clash Royale

Chest is one of the items available in the game clash royale in which there are a lot of resources of gold and gems card there are 3 types of chest which can mate get this to game namely silver chest, chest gold and magical chest.

Of course to get the chest three different levels of difficulty acquiring silver chest with one another is very easy to get the gold chest a little bit difficult but easy while the magical chest very hard to get it.

Well if you feel the difficulties in obtaining and get a magical chest this time I will give you simple tricks and tips fast and free way to get magical chest in game clash royale which can mate trying to emulate and apply.

Need to know how my friend is based on my own experiences that happen to just love this game clash royale okay no need to linger longer refer to step stride sob.

Here’s the trick I In Getting Magical Chest Quickly and Easily

Ensure Free Chest and Crown Chest in the next state.
When doing battle king area bout earned both right and left pal tower destroyed first and then destroy the king tower in the middle.
Win streak battle fight 5 times in a row.
Thus most likely will get a magical chest buddy buddy want.

Here’s a simple trick me in quickly obtaining and get a magical chest if my friend interested to trick me please follow sob here factor of confidence and luck will determine sob okay buddy so first Quick Ways to Get Magical Chest and super magical chest in clash royale cards  is just trying to don good luck thanks may be useful.


Small Capital Business Fortunately A Large And Profitable

Looking for revenue with running entrepreneurial has many different side when compared to earn a salary as an employee. Do self-employment as a self-employed skills needed indeed observant to know where a profitable business with small capital. Therefore, looking for information on the types of business opportunities that promise profits must often excavated from a variety of sources including.


The Essential Guide To Start A Business Without Capital Which Must Be Known In Order To Successfully

A Profitable Business Doesn’t Have To Be With A Big Capital

A great many who have thought that to have a business must have a capital first. And capital is always synonymous with money. This kind of thinking is not always true. Because of the vast amount of various types of small businesses that are profitable even without having to spend a lot of money to start run status as entrepreneurs.

Information: The Key To Getting The Business Opportunities With Small Capital

While this has become his information. That is, who controlled the information, so he can easily to win a battle in the field of business. Because the business is basically not much different from competing to get the best especially in terms of getting a promising business.

One of the keys to getting the right information to know the business profit is to rely on the internet. With the internet, the businessmen can search for news or info on market development and production in many places and ways of doing business that corresponds to a specific time and place.

Early Internet business opportunity that is running this business Only from home

Moreover, with the support and the development of technology that increasingly advanced, where how to access the internet can be done with a variety of tools that are easy to obtain in the market. Latest modern Smartphones have had many applications that support to do business (read: business applications Android and BlackBerry applications for business).

Tablets and laptops are becoming a popular tool and more and more people owned. The Tablet has an ability that is relatively similar to the smart phone just has a larger size that can help for your small business promotion.

Young Children Love To His Own Business With Small Capital

Even today many young once (maybe a lot of them are also very old adults) who are more than happy to do small capital business opportunity which can be easily obtained on the internet. Many once promising business in the form of this type of venture capital to small good thing big that there are on the internet.

Why is it called a promising effort? Because the example of this effort is only requires very little money capital. Operational Ogkos the most needed by the business this is the time and creativity.

In this way, they never get confused to find work again. Because of some of the data obtained, those who belong to a young age still a student or an average student.

So when still remain in their search for knowledge, they’ve been able to raise money for college tuition and other living expenses. But there is also a way of doing business that made it into the main work because it gives good results especially for the cost of their family hiup.

Types Of Business Opportunities That Are Suitable For Young Children – The Minimum Capital Promising

Home-Based Businesses Small Capital Profit Is Great For Anyone

You currently as employees or not, be aware of the business opportunities that can be done other major time interrupted by looking at the business side. Because in fact lots of business that can be run from home or home business that can be relied upon as the main or side business ventures.

It could be not you ask like that but there are others such as the housewife who also have the same curiosity to open business with small capital. Here we discuss the type and variety of small capital business fortunately a great promise.

Understanding Business With Small Capital

Understanding of the term business with small capital is an undertaking that requires a monetary investment funds whose value small to run the business. How large or small the value? Everyone certainly has the size of each are different for each person.

We try to look at the definition of a small business in a country. Based on the decision of the President of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA No. 99 in 1998 small business sense is: “the people’s economic activities small-scale with businesses that are majority are small and need to be protected to avoid unhealthy business competition.”. With the terms that are included in the Kepres include:

The maximum net worth Rp-200,000,000.0, not including land and building businesses.
Maximum annual sales of Rp. 1,000,000,000.0 (one billion Dollars).
It turned out great too Yes its worth if it follows the rules. But that’s merely a definition only. While we will explore examples of small capital business profit is great.

10 essential steps using Video Marketing that many buyers and Sell Hard

Small Capital Business Opportunities Huge Profit

If you are still the controversy to know business is profitable even if only with a capital of skimpy money, please read the examples and the type of business that does anyone know a good fit with your character.

Bisnis Pulsa Elektrik

I’m sure there have been many who know that this business requires only a small capital. How much capital is the money that you need to be able to start this business? Of the many places that offer as business agents selling electrical pulses, you are not prompted any registration fees. All it takes is, you register yourself, having a mobile phone and buy the toll will soon deposit you are selling.

The amount of the deposit that you can buy around Rp. 100,000.0-only. This means that this is a business with a capital of one hundred thousand dollars only. Imagine your own business with a capital of Rp. 100,000.0-you can have your own PT as small capital franchise business namely the company’s electrical pulses. Excellent right.

Fun and cheap holiday in Lombok

Lombok is a mandatory tourist destinations you entered in the list of vacation plans. His name is perhaps not yet as famous as Bali or Jogja, however the beauty of the beaches and culture will undoubtedly make you want to return to Lombok. Here are tips in order to make your trip to the island is not a drain on the wallet contents however remain pleasurable.


Read here: Bali to gili trawangan by bluewater express

1. Hunt promo cheap tickets

If your hobby is traveling is certainly no stranger to various promo fly cheaply provided by the airline. The key, you must be diligent to surf in the virtual world so as not to miss any information. Another easy way is to follow the airline’s twitter account so if they’re rolling out the program we know. Yes, who quickly he can. Happy hunting for cheap tickets.

2. when the weekday day Vacation instead of the weekend

Oleh due to Lombok is now one of the tourist destinations that are intended for domestic and foreign travelers then no wonder if now that area is always crowded. In order to make your vacation fun, should come on Monday – Friday instead of Saturday-Sunday. Weekend certainly Lombok will be jam-packed, including those travelling in Bali and chose to spend the weekend in Lombok. Another reason is because the weekend hotel rates and lodging also surged up.

3. Choose a cheap lodging in Mataram

So that your bag is not drained, choose an affordable accommodation that you can meet in Mataram. Although a bit far from tourist attractions but some bed and breakfasts, hotels and homestay is still with the price which is pretty reasonable i.e. Rp. 80,000 – IDR 450,000 per night. Cheap isn’t it?

4. arrange the itinerary closely

Novotel LOMBOKMustahil KUTA Beach, a short vacation to make if you could visit all the tourist destinations in Lombok. We should be careful in determining wherever the place to be visited. If your favorite place is Kuta Beach area, then we can arrange the itinerary includes some locations which are not mutually far apart.

As for food lovers, there is no harm if your vacation combined with some culinary Jeep object. Other barriers that may arise is the narrowness of the vacation time You have. If that’s the case, we can plan a day trip in Lombok that lets you visit some of the main destinations of the island. Draft trip 2 days 1 night ever worth a try so that more and more the beauty of Lombok that we can see.

Transportation usually becomes a barrier when we are travelling. Not all towns in Indonesia have public transportation is cheap, easy and convenient. If you encounter difficulties while on holiday in Lombok, the solution is to hire a motorbike. Motorbike rental providers you can encounter in Mataram, the price is very friendly i.e. Rp 50 thousand to rent for a day. Oya, using the motor You can also be more flexible visiting various sights that might accidentally we skip. If the duration of your vacation is long enough, it’s worth to explore various interesting things in Lombok we meet when I travel.

6. always prepare the cash (cash) in wallet

These tips are not the show that we in Lombok will trouble finding a bank or ATM (Cash Platform Independent) but by bringing cash will ease your financial traksaksi. Anytime we need money need not bother searching ATM. Not only that money, cash is also useful when you visit some tourist destinations that provide voluntary donations to fund box. Your cash is also very handy to pay for the services of tour guides at the destinations we visit.

7. always bring sunscreen and a polite

Sunscreen or sunblock is often called a mandatory gear you bring and use. Lombok weather which tends to heat will make the skin getting darker. Use sunscreen to keep out the sunlight that hit your skin. Holiday activities such as snorkeling and diving are also better if it is done by applying sunblock in advance. Lombok is also known by the people who are still upholding the norms of East and predominantly Muslim. They will be very cynical with the settlers wearing skimpy and behaving rude.

How to Get Cool Reward of GTA

Perhaps nobody ever asks why play GTA SA must complete additional missions such as collecting oysters, painting 100 gang tags, trucking completing missions, or as completing all the races. This is the answer .. GTA San Andreas is a game that is full of rewards, ranging from money, respect, work (555 WE TIP) to the workshop (Doherty, San Fierro). Surely, reward finish the game with a progress of 100% cooler than other reward. Here is the reward obtained after completing the last mission “End of The Line” with a progress of 100%. Click “Mission Not Done” when there is a mission that has not been resolved or dismissed.

1. CJ Cash increased by $ 1,000,000. So why have this kind of money? So, if you want to pursue a criminal stat rating “King of San Andreas”, each $ 5,000 add 1 point.

2. Infinite Ammo … The weapon used CJ such as grenades, tear gas, Molotov cocktails, or bullets will never run out. Each CJ uses such weapons will not be reduced in number even increased and will be reset when switching weapons.

gta 5 money cheat

3. CJ Vehicles that use is not easily damaged because of its resistance to be doubled

4. jets “Hydra” in-park on the roof of the house Sweet and can be used anytime Tank “Rhino” under the bridge Grove Street


5. Tank “Rhino” in-park near the bridge Grove Street and can be used anytime

How to get a 100% Completion progress?

Progress finish the game GTA San Andreas can be found at Menu >> Misc. >> Progress made. Here is a list of 100% Completion mission that MUST be done to get a progress of 100%. get  how to gta 5 money generator

1. Buy all the safehouse in San Andreas
2. Collecting items ie
– Paint Gang tags
– Looking for oysters
– Looking for horseshoes
– Taking Pictures photo ops.
3. Completed 50 Taxi Passengers on a Mission
4. Completing Vigilante Level 12
5. Complete the Firefighter Level 12
6. Resolving Pimping Level 10
7. Complete the Paramedic Level 12
8. Completed 12 Level Fire
9. Resolve BMX Challenge
10. All three Chiliad Solving Challenges
11. Complete the NRG-500 Challenge
12. Winning challenges in stadium
13. Practicing movement on the trainer at the gym
14. Complete the challenges in Ammu-Nation
15. Pass all the tests in a driving school car, driving motorcycles, fly planes and drive a boat.
16. Completing all missions to acquire the asset, namely:
– 8 mission Trucking
– Level 5 Valet parking
– 7 missions Hunter quarry
17. Complete the courier missions, among others:
– Los Santos – Roboi’s Food Mart
– San Fierro – Hippy Shopper
– Las Venturas – Burger Shot
18. Winning all the Street races
19. Complete all of your export / import vehicle
20. Complete all of the main story missions

Creative Ideas Business Invitations Wedding Merchandise

Are you including creative, likes to work and is capable of using design software? Take advantage of creative business ideas create invitations and merchandise as a source of income. Although now its time to use digital invitations, wedding invitations printed still be important, especially if the couple wants to give the impression of a unique bride with a special shaped invitation. The same thing applies on wedding merchandise like a wallet, cell phone holster, fan, notes and so on.

With print and merchandise business invitation for a wedding, you can reach customers that white will make a large order when ordering from you. The profit opportunities would be even greater, especially if your work is reported by word of mouth.

Creative Business Idea Unusual Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are now not just a square cardboard; with the increasing number of young bride who has a modern and unique taste, you can make your business stand out by offering creative ideas in making wedding invitations. For example, you could offer the invitation printed on a roll of bamboo, such as letters of old, so it felt unique. Or, you may be offered an invitation with a touch of modern vector design and contemporary style.

Creative Business Idea Merchandise Marriage

What about the wedding merchandise? Unlike the invitation, merchandise can be selected from materials that actually cheaper and lighter, but memorable. Fans, a mobile phone and a wallet you can make a wedding merchandise to be designed. However, for traditional marriage, try to choose a wooden comb, scoop coconut shells or even cloth rattan. As for the modern marriage could have nail clippers, mirrors and so on.

The business of making wedding invitations and merchandise is already quite a lot, so the key is creativity. The more you have a lot of interesting choices and the better the rates offered, the selling of your business anyway.

10 Tips for a Successful Start a Business for Beginners

Success is what they look for each person. One way that many people do to achieve it is to start a business. Thought to be an entrepreneur has become a trend in all societies, especially among the young. Therefore, many people who have become successful businessmen at a young age. This is not surprising, because a lot of people are starting to feel tired and limited by only being an employee, so the idea to make a business choice.


To successfully start a business does not always go smoothly, it takes some skills and steps that must be done correctly. There was even a thought which says that not everyone can be an entrepreneur. But in fact, everyone can really be an entrepreneur if you are willing to learn and work hard. Scott Gerber is a young entrepreneur, author, and investors from the United States. Here are 10 tips to successfully start a business for beginners by Scott Gerber.

1. Focus on one business opportunity


Along with the development of the virtual world, this time as if all things can be a business opportunity. With so many opportunities that can be taken, you may be confused in choosing the opportunities that will be developed. So many people are even trying to develop a lot of opportunities at the same time. But what is it really? There is no right or wrong, because it all depends on each person’s ability, but it would be better if you focus on one chance only.

With your focus on one opportunity, then the whole idea and your mind to develop the business will be more focused. This will allow you to execute all of those ideas. Taking care of the business alone is difficult, especially if a lot, ya do?

2. Do you prefer


In doing anything, if we like what we do, then we will do it wholeheartedly. Not because of coercion that can more optimally. All work if they work with a vengeance will produce maximum results, because that’s a lot of jobs that are not public  at this time. But for those of you who aspire to be an entrepreneur, do not start a business simply because he saw a big profit, it looks cool, or because he was told. Usually, a good thing to do when starting a business is, by hobby. If your hobby is photography, you can start selling camera equipment. By doing so, your hobby and a dream to open a business sated been achieved.

3. Master everything about your business


At the beginning of starting a business, generally rare investor who dared to put their money there. But the chance it could come at any time, so you have mastered very well everything about the business that you are involved with and is always ready to explain very clearly. This is so that you can make investors believe that he put his money in the right hands, that is, to you, most people understand about this business.

4. Always willing to learn from others


Everyone has the advantages and disadvantages of each. No one who knows everything, then it is important to be open at the sight or thought of others. In consultation with others as a mentor, friend, or other successful people, you can take a lesson from what he had done. Choose a mentor, a friend or someone who has been successful to become an advisor you, where you talk about the things that need to be done to be successful. More hearing would be better than most of the talking.

5. Live modestly


Forget all the charm of an entrepreneur. Luxury cars, luxury dining, great house, or anything that shows the luxury. Live with the view that you are a beginner who needs money to succeed. By doing so, you’ll likely enjoy the process toward success and everything that you dreamed it would come in time.

6. Learning from failure


Nothing is certain in this world. As with the business world. There are 2 choices in our lives that determine success, which is to go forward or be silent. If you want to move forward, then you must also be prepared to deal with failure. Because not everything you want it running smoothly as you wish. It is precisely the failure should occur to teach you and prepare you to be successful later. When it fails, do not despair, keep trying and learn from the experience. Failure is the best teacher!

7. Show that you are the best business concept


Rest assured that no investor is willing to invest in your business, because they do not know the standards of your business concept. Therefore, show that the concept of this business will be very profitable for investors. Run own business concept with a minimum investment to provide tangible evidence to investors. Once you’ve demonstrated that you are the best concept, and believe that investors will be looking for you.

8. Maintain Health


To be successful, have to work hard, but do not forget that maintaining health is also your responsibility. With you maintain healthy, believe whatever you do will be more productive. Adjust your diet, exercising regularly, and gave time to rest from work. Imagine if you fall ill, there’s nothing you can do perfectly. Health gives you the opportunity to do things better. As much as possible to balance work with health care.

9. Prove it with actions, not with words


Watch what you say. Tell me what you were able to do, do not talk too much but you can not do anything. Prove that you can do through action and not through words, because you act, the more people will be able to assess your work. Speak less, do more, right?

10. Know when to stop trying


A prudent captain would not sink with the ship. That is a saying that explains that a wise man is one who knows when to try and when to stop. Stop trying does not always form of surrender, sometimes there are things that force you to stop, otherwise you will be worse off. Likewise in business pioneer. Sometimes, the business that we started not lead you to success, but even make you an advanced slumped. When that situation comes, then you have to know when to stop. Be wise and sensitive to the situation will help you to avoid a downturn.

So here are 10 tips for you who want to successfully start a business . Do not hesitate to start even though you just a beginner, keep learning and take your chance. Nothing is impossible as long as you dare to dream and willing to try. Live all you want to always give my best because believe me, the process will not be disappointing result. Congratulations success and spirit!

Advertise your Facebook Fan page Post: 7 things Mandatory Must-Do!

We know that one type of various types of facebook advertising is advertising a post facebook fan page or ad type is how to verify facebook page commonly called Page Post Ads, as we have already discussed earlier.


Well, I realized, type facebook ads this one is a type of advertising that is very powerful. Why is this so? Because you can update the ad optimization with it without having to wait the number of fans on your facebook fan page! Assume you second made fan page and instantly post sale, but does not yet have fans/likes, well this type of ad is a locomotive driving Your sales activity if you want to direct selling. As for the tips-tricks very optimum for this ad could be examined further on the Secret deliberations of the Maximize Page Post Ads, because this time I focus on the activity of monitoring, evaluating, optimizing the content.

For those of you who lay with facebook ads/facebook ads, tutorial how to create facebook ads can be a basic guide for you. But if you are already accustomed to advertising directly on facebook, just check out these tips from me here about things to watch out for in the advertise post facebook fan page:

1. Monitoring the Facebook Fan page Post Ads with a Pinned Post

When a posting at the post on the fan page, then it will automatically sink along with the emergence of new postings, this makes monitoring (monitor advertising, answering comments audience, analyze the performance etc.) a posting advertised fan page will be difficult. Then you review the posting ads on Ads Manager:

Then select the campaign that contains the ad in question, then you better make a posting advertised the facebook fan page become a pinned post (the mark of the tape), so that the latter post appeared above the timeline facebook fan page, so the admin is easy to monitor the post. But this post is automatically submerged again when it’s been 7 days since pinned post. An example of the already pinned post:

2. Monitoring the Facebook Fanpage Post Ads with Embed Post

Embed post intended to display post fan page on your website/blog or anything that support HTML, when pinned post only last for 7 days, then embed a post could be all that we want, a simple Example is suppose I advertise 3 posting facebook fan page, then I cut the HTML embed code’s post on Blog Post/Post the HTML section of the Website. That way we can monitor more efficiently some posts fan page on 1 page Blog Post.

3. Evaluation of the performance of the ads with Content Editing Features Post

The evaluation deals with the feedback that emerges from the audience related to our ads, e.g. most of them ask will anything, yet we haven’t put/forget noted, then the feature “editing” it could make it easier for You, it can work even though the ads are already running, therefore greatly facilitate our add/deduct content where we need to better optimize.


8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

Thank God, it’s been a lot of entrepreneurs who know internet. In fact, many business owners who can create their own website and even have a team to manage his business website.


In the past, many small business owners who think that having a website for her business, it is not so important. No one thought of creating a website that is expensive and has not entered into the budget business. There are also reasonable because the business does not use a computer, so the website has not been required.

For me, this is a misunderstanding.

Well, here are 8 reasons why your business needs a website, no matter what size your business.


Today, more and more consumers use the internet to search for products or services they need. Your small business will gain credibility by having a website.Without a website, potential customers will go to your competitors who have a website. If you already have a website but still it is, you should redesign with a more professional look, so that will give your business greater confidence. For a home-based business, this is very beneficial because you do not have to have an offline store beforehand to promote products or services.


As a small business owner, you may think you are not able to make a professional website. Although the cost of designing a website varies, a website for small businesses generally cost under 500,000, – per month. Try to compare with the cost of advertising in the newspaper, when you consider your potential market can be achieved with a website, it is a very effective way to promote your business.


Think of your website as an online brochure or catalog. It is much easier and faster to update information about products and services on your site rather than in printed material, so that an effective way to let your customers know about the arrival of new products, upcoming events, special promotions, or new services you’re offering. Unlike print ads that are rapidly becoming obsolete, your website can provide the latest information.

4. Easy To Reach

A website can be reached by you and potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. They can comfortably see your products and services when offline store or office is closed. With the ever busy lifestyles today, this is a selling point which is great when making purchasing decisions.


Do you provide a product or service, your website will provide alternative places to promote it. As a retailer of a product, an eCommerce website oronline store is a great place to sell your products to a wider market, even services can be made available globally. Do not think you can not sell products or services online, even cars and houses can be sold online, you know!


No matter what type of business that you live, a website is a great place to show your work. By entering a portfolio or photo gallery, as well as testimonials about your work, you can show what makes your business unique.


Did you know, provide information to customers certainly takes time, whether it’s by phone, face to face, through brochures, or in an email. With the online catalog, you can provide a lot of information about your products and services.Once your website is so, then it will be available to your customers without any limits, and greatly save your time. Yes, and time is money!


Maybe you sell environmentally friendly products and want to share tips on how to recycle. Or maybe you are an accountant and want to give advice to your clients about how to simplify their bookkeeping practices. Now, by adding a frequently asked questions page, add articles, or upload a newsletter to answer all the questions of your customers, then you can make the customer is always up-to-date. Is there a better way to provide services plus-plus compared to share the information on your website? Well, you already know the answer.

5 Benefits of Twitter in Developing Writing Ability

Want write anything on Twitter only allows 140 characters to write? Actually there are many things that we can write more profoundly than the vent . Kultwit, for example. Lecture on Twitter today is very popular. In fact I often see kultwit than the person who wrote the article on the blog.


Some senior author some say that the activity of blogging and generate a comprehensive article can not be replaced by using Twitter. That is true. I prefer blogging than make kultwit. But as an observer of social media, I see there are 5 benefits of using Twitter to develop writing skills and blogging .

Benefits include:

References 1. Getting Up To Date

The information you need even more quickly reach timeline Twitter than on other social networks. This is what makes Twitter a mainstay writer to get the latest references and find out what is the trend to be written.

Everything from information on how to learn, anti upset, tips on health, fitness,and others can follow and find on Twitter. As a writer, of course, the necessary sources of data and information that is accurate. Twitter can answer that if we follow the right source.

One of my writing, 20 were followed Mandatory Account Students and Students which became hits on this blog is one of the benefits I often play in Twitterland.:)

2.   Enhance Creativity Writing

140 characters is not a hindrance to write down things weighing, it’s where the challenge is how writer honed to be creative in making writing that impact and influence. Still remember the account @fiksimini ? Creating a fictitious tweet in 140 characters. At a time when people still think that it’s still a fiction short stories and novels, eh written in 140 characters and can be a book! My best friend @reginahelin very good at playing the word on Twitter in making a tweetfiction.

So, instead of 140 characters can increase creativity in writers. I once challenged to make a tweet on the topic of “productive” in one tweet only. I then wrote,“Know your passion is a simple way to leverage your productivity.” The good news, it is much jamming Retweet and became the forerunner of my fifth book:SimplyProductive

3. Keep Your Writing Concise

The main benefit that I feel as a writer on Twitter is: Twitter forces us to discard everything that is not necessary because of space and a very narrow limits. This could be a good training tool if during our writing ‘too fat’ to convey a simple idea.

4. Know What You Want Readers

A writer in my opinion are required to have the skills to know the target audience and what they want posts from readers. Twitter could be one means to sharpen how an author determine the appropriate topic in writing in accordance with the target audience. This can be done through a survey by asking, “Hi tweeps, what is you want to know today?” Be assured, surely no one responds, and you come to know what readers want.

In addition, the twitter we can also instantly get feedback on what we write.Indonesian people apparently still reluctant to leave comments on blogs and prefer direct comment on Facebook or Twitter (in some cases ). Make feedbackni valuable feedback to improve subsequent writings.

5. Impactful Writings

Twitter can be an alternative place of your writing, in addition to the blog or tumblr. If you require a different atmosphere than blogging, using Twitter’s very permissible to try to improve the sharpness of your writing.

That’s my opinion as an observer of social media, what do you think?