Business With The Family? The Six-Note This!

Running a business with the family certainly has a range of advantages. But if not managed professionally, not just be bad business but also imposes against disconnecting fellow family members.

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From a report published by The Wall Street Journal revealed in 2011 although some family members or couples able to run his business smoothly, but a lot happened, the business often make their relationship ended. That’s why the family business together requires rules and shared commitment.

Then, anything that must be prepared in building a family and business partner?

The following six key points in building a business with family

. The Division of roles and responsibilities are clear

This is the main thing in running the family business. It should be clear at the beginning of the A stint as what? SI B working on what? With the Division of tasks, each family member knows its work each, so no mixing tasks.

In the Division of roles and responsibilities should be selected based on the advantages and disadvantages of a family member. Necessary adjustments between the capacity which are owned by the demands of work skills. Where in this role Division are chosen by the leader of the family business?

2. avoid double leadership

Still stuck point 1, in the Division of tasks must be clear who is leading and who is headed. Don’t because this family business, everyone wants to be a leader. In addition to the ambiguous, this will cause confusion for employees who become a vassal because of different decisions between the leaders. If it continues, cross the opinion will culminate in quarrels and damage the system.

3. limitation of work with personal problems

Never mix work Affairs with personal relationships. Don’t sementang-mentang You are closest relatives with the leader, you arbitrarily in the works. Began to arrive late at work, go home soonest, todo goes wrong and so on.
Remember this is a business where it takes a strong commitment to run it. Where family business is no longer think of personal interests but on the basis of common interests.

4. Employment Agreement

Often in building the family business agreement is often overlooked. Though this is very important. Because with this agreement as a commitment to family members in the bond business. Of this agreement will also know the terms and compensation that will he get.

In addition the family agreement can also make someone doesn’t work arbitrarily according to his/her preferences alone because he is the leader of the closest relatives. So if there are applicable rules are violated, the leader can easily and ‘ tasty ‘ rebuke even give warnings.

5. clear salary Division

In the hire of employees, should be based on the capacity and his ability. So even though the person is there blood relations with you, does not mean salary higher than employees who have a position similar to that of your family members.

This is in addition to the fair will also spur a close relative for trying hard to advance a business venture. Because without great effort and commitment then nothing in return for the service will be accepted.

6. Mutual trust and open

Like running a business in General, running a family business is also sure to have challenges and problems that will arise. Therefore, if there is a conflict in running wheel business, it’s good to open each other in presenting existing problems. So with the openness expected obtained the best solution between both sides.

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Usually in the face of tough times, a fellow Member of the family that are open will tend to be more strengthened. And the most important thing is the sense of trust between each other.

If the problems continue to arise is a good idea to involve a third party. Since usually a third party will be more clear in looking at existing problems so that it brings about a solution together and the best.

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