Get Some Money With Stock Price Best Perhaps in GTA V

Just not in real life, in the game world GTA V or or Grand Theft Auto V is also known as the term Stock Exchange. In Indonesia, the term referred to the Indonesia Stock Exchange Stock Exchange or 1DX which in Indonesian means the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Indonesia Stock Exchange itself is the result of the combined exchanges between the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX) as the stock market and the Surabaya Stock Exchange (BES) as bonds and derivatives markets. From here, it can be deduced that the Stock Exchange is an attempt to supervise the movement of stock from time to time in such a place.


In GTA V himself used two stock indices is BAWSAQ and LCN. GTA V stock management in exactly the same as the real world where someone will buy shares and then sell it when the price goes up gta 5 hack
There are a few rules that you can use to get as much money from the Stock Exchange this. One thing you need to remember that you should not take stocks you buy are too long because stock prices will return to normal over time.

When using Franklin, you’ll get a mission from lester to kill a leader of the company. If you successfully carry out the mission, the shares of rival leader of the company will increase drastically. Here is Lester Mission will run:

• Hotel Assassination – purchase of shares in the index Betta Pharmaceuticals BAWSAQ
• Multi-targeted Assassination – purchase of shares in the index Debonaire Cigarettes LCN
• Vice Assassination – Fruit and purchase of shares in the index BAWSQ
• The Bus Assassination – purchase of shares in the index Vapid BAWSQ
• Construction Assassination – Gold Coast and selling shares in the index LCN
Besides Lester Mission, you can also try the following cheat at companies that have rivals. You can buy one of them and destroy his rival. You as the player will get the money after destroying the rival company. Here is a list of companies that you can buy shares and its rival:
• Bilkington – Dollar Pills
• Burgershot – Up-An-Atom
• clucking Bell – Taco Bomb
• Cool Bean – Bean Machine
• Ecola – Raine
• FlyUS – AirEmu
• Go Postal – Post OP
• Maze Bank – Bank Of Liberty
• Pisswasser – Logger
• Radio Los Santos – Worldwide FM
• Redwood Cigarettes – Cigarettes Debonaire
• Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter – Bullhead

For example, if before starting Bilkington cheat you buy a stock, then to earn much money you have to go to the airport and destroy aircraft bearing the Dollar Pill. From there, the shares previously eli Bilkington you will suddenly go up drastically. After that, you can sell a stock that has been purchased in advance and do not be too long take stocks because stocks will be back to normal.

How Fast way to Get Magical Chest in Clash Royale

Chest is one of the items available in the game clash royale in which there are a lot of resources of gold and gems card there are 3 types of chest which can mate get this to game namely silver chest, chest gold and magical chest.

Of course to get the chest three different levels of difficulty acquiring silver chest with one another is very easy to get the gold chest a little bit difficult but easy while the magical chest very hard to get it.

Well if you feel the difficulties in obtaining and get a magical chest this time I will give you simple tricks and tips fast and free way to get magical chest in game clash royale which can mate trying to emulate and apply.

Need to know how my friend is based on my own experiences that happen to just love this game clash royale okay no need to linger longer refer to step stride sob.

Here’s the trick I In Getting Magical Chest Quickly and Easily

Ensure Free Chest and Crown Chest in the next state.
When doing battle king area bout earned both right and left pal tower destroyed first and then destroy the king tower in the middle.
Win streak battle fight 5 times in a row.
Thus most likely will get a magical chest buddy buddy want.

Here’s a simple trick me in quickly obtaining and get a magical chest if my friend interested to trick me please follow sob here factor of confidence and luck will determine sob okay buddy so first Quick Ways to Get Magical Chest and super magical chest in clash royale cards  is just trying to don good luck thanks may be useful.


How to Get Cool Reward of GTA

Perhaps nobody ever asks why play GTA SA must complete additional missions such as collecting oysters, painting 100 gang tags, trucking completing missions, or as completing all the races. This is the answer .. GTA San Andreas is a game that is full of rewards, ranging from money, respect, work (555 WE TIP) to the workshop (Doherty, San Fierro). Surely, reward finish the game with a progress of 100% cooler than other reward. Here is the reward obtained after completing the last mission “End of The Line” with a progress of 100%. Click “Mission Not Done” when there is a mission that has not been resolved or dismissed.

1. CJ Cash increased by $ 1,000,000. So why have this kind of money? So, if you want to pursue a criminal stat rating “King of San Andreas”, each $ 5,000 add 1 point.

2. Infinite Ammo … The weapon used CJ such as grenades, tear gas, Molotov cocktails, or bullets will never run out. Each CJ uses such weapons will not be reduced in number even increased and will be reset when switching weapons.

gta 5 money cheat

3. CJ Vehicles that use is not easily damaged because of its resistance to be doubled

4. jets “Hydra” in-park on the roof of the house Sweet and can be used anytime Tank “Rhino” under the bridge Grove Street


5. Tank “Rhino” in-park near the bridge Grove Street and can be used anytime

How to get a 100% Completion progress?

Progress finish the game GTA San Andreas can be found at Menu >> Misc. >> Progress made. Here is a list of 100% Completion mission that MUST be done to get a progress of 100%. get  how to gta 5 money generator

1. Buy all the safehouse in San Andreas
2. Collecting items ie
– Paint Gang tags
– Looking for oysters
– Looking for horseshoes
– Taking Pictures photo ops.
3. Completed 50 Taxi Passengers on a Mission
4. Completing Vigilante Level 12
5. Complete the Firefighter Level 12
6. Resolving Pimping Level 10
7. Complete the Paramedic Level 12
8. Completed 12 Level Fire
9. Resolve BMX Challenge
10. All three Chiliad Solving Challenges
11. Complete the NRG-500 Challenge
12. Winning challenges in stadium
13. Practicing movement on the trainer at the gym
14. Complete the challenges in Ammu-Nation
15. Pass all the tests in a driving school car, driving motorcycles, fly planes and drive a boat.
16. Completing all missions to acquire the asset, namely:
– 8 mission Trucking
– Level 5 Valet parking
– 7 missions Hunter quarry
17. Complete the courier missions, among others:
– Los Santos – Roboi’s Food Mart
– San Fierro – Hippy Shopper
– Las Venturas – Burger Shot
18. Winning all the Street races
19. Complete all of your export / import vehicle
20. Complete all of the main story missions

Tips Or Free Choosing A PC

For most people, buying a new computer can be an exhausting experience. Usually you ask hello to friends who are considered experts for feedback and seek information from the computer section as well as ads in newspapers or magazines. Not done yet here you will be given a variety of other information from the seller in the store that you visit.

It is good to know as much information as possible, but sometimes the information you get from other people is still not sufficient to answer your main purpose in buying a computer, but that will be using the same computer is your own, not a friend, or someone else.


It seems simple, but you’d be surprised that there are still many people who do not know what is the purpose of buying a computer. Here are tips in the form of rules or guidelines to consider before you buy a computer.

First: For what?

The first rule you should consider is what you will do with your computer. Why do you need a computer. Do you often create multimedia content or a rabid fan games? Are these computers will be allowed to stand for days? Do you need a desktop or a laptop alone? How is your work habits and your spare time? How often do your friends and family or the people you contact most often put on their computers?

Of course, only you can answer that question. If you already know the answer to the first rule, you can follow to the next rule.

Second: What kind of performance you need from the computer?

Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the center of the entire computing system. Known as the “brains” of a computer, the CPU is the most important thing that determines the performance of a computer. If you want to buy a new computer, it is important to understand the functions of a CPU. Also known as a processor, CPU who handle and do almost all commands from computer hardware and software.

When you enter the store computer, there are many other things that will be promoted. Such as Giga or RAM or graphics card, as well as data storage (storage). There are many other components that may interest you. But always make the processor as the first consideration, because that is the ‘brain’ of your PC.

Most people use a computer to perform several activities at once, read e-mail while listening to music online and browsing the Internet simultaneously. Therefore, the computer must be able to “think” were quick to follow the habits of people who like to do several things at once. Modern computers have multiple cores ( “brains”) which can process several activities at once. Therefore, the newer processors and faster usually have additional computing power that makes purchasing your PC into a wise investment.

Unfortunately, often the consumer when purchasing a computer also “upgrade” some komponenn computer, but just getting that little improvement in computer performance.

Third: What are common mistakes?

Some people buy extra memory, extra hard drives and even extra batteries, whereas in fact they need is to buy the best processor at the time of purchase to obtain better performance, and at the same time reducing expenses by not buying additional components that are not needed.

RAM is a memory to store temporary data on a PC. For PC users in general, 2GB of RAM is already sufficient for everyday purposes. You can use almost any software, play 3D games, video editing, browsing the Internet, play iTunes, write documents and send e-mail – at the same time.

Add / upgrade the RAM from 2GB to 4GB often only result in improved performance slightly, compared to using 2GB of RAM and a processor upgrade to a higher level, which will give a much better performance.

you may get feedback from friends who are considered “experts” on “clock speed”, ie the speed of a processor in completing a task. The speed has units Gigahertz (GHz), first the higher the number means the faster the processor performance. But now is not like that anymore.

Processor technology advances past few years has allowed the CPU to have higher performance without requiring a faster clock speed. Some Intel processors get extra power when needed with Turbo Boost Technology. Turbo Boost is not active when not needed, saving the consumption of electricity consumption, but will turn on automatically when needed and help the CPU to operate faster than its clock speed.

It is also necessary to keep in mind that comparing the “clock-speed” can only be done between processors of the same brand. Because of the number of cores – the processor unit in each CPU – may be different, where also the technology and how the CPU is made of each model are very different, therefore, comparing the clock speed of the CPU of different brands can not provide meaningful information for you.

Most chip top / High End has two (dual core) or four (quad-core) core. However, comparing the number of cores in processors from different manufacturers is also very difficult. The more cores does not necessarily provide better performance. For example, a dual core Intel processor inside your CPU performance up to 37% higher than other brands of quad core CPUs. If translated in computational terms, this means that you can convert 25 songs into MP3 within 5 minutes, or changing the size of more than 42 photos in one minute.

Fourth: Graphics Cards, Incorporated or separate?

Another thing you should consider is the graphics card when buying a PC. When playing games, watching video, or install a Blu Ray movie, consumers are now beginning to think about their PC graphics quality. you have a choice between integrated graphics chip in the CPU or a separate graphics chip.

Common mistake is buying a computer using a separate graphics card on board are expensive, which is coupled to the processor board down / low end, unfortunately the combination will only slightly improve performance on the graphical display.

To watch online video and Blu Ray disc, or browsing multimedia websites such as Facebook, you do not need a computer that uses a separate graphics card is expensive. Graphics chip integrated in new computers today have been designed to perform the task, and if you want to improve your computer’s performance on the application of computer use as mentioned before, it would be better if you upgrade your processor using one CPU tech Core Intel, which will improve the quality of graphics as you want, while improving the performance of other aspects in your computer.

If you hardcore 3D games, using computers for applications in architecture or engineering, or creating graphic designs intricate, or edit video professionally, then buy a separate graphics card that expensive does not necessarily give you the advantage of 3D graphics performance as perfect as you would expect, if not paired with the appropriate CPU upgrade.

Keep in mind that every computer application is executed by the CPU. The benefits of moving the process into separate graphics card system, limited to a few features of some PC applications related to graphical display only

Processing speed is the priority of computer users in general, and the better performance can be obtained by upgrading the CPU.

So, which one should be purchased?

Buying a PC is a big decision. While you may spend more money to buy a house or a car, now the PC has become one of the most important parts of your home, both for communication and entertainment. Purchase a PC should be thought out carefully and based on the activities you will do, as well as the performance you need. The most important thing in determining the proper performance is by selecting the CPU, the ‘brain’ PC, right.

Therefore, do not sweat about upgrades or additional components that are not needed. Just make sure that you are choosing the right CPU, then you will get the perfect PC performance.

The Complete Guide to Buying PC Gaming Assembled and the Qualified Version Offers Tech in Asia Indonesia

Can not be denied that the PC is one of the most exciting vehicle to be used to play games . PC not only can run a game in the maximum capacity if assembled with the correct combination, is also very multifunctional machine used to perform various types of work and enjoy a variety of entertainment.

Unfortunately, choosing the right components to the PC gaming is not easy. Various aspects need to consider here if you do not want to lose a lot of money just for the components that were not compatible aliases do not match with each other.


Seeing the world how attractive game on the PC, but it is quite difficult to build a PC that is economical and quality, made us decide to give guidance buying PC gaming that is suitable for you. To makes it easy, this will be our guide for directly by the three tiers in terms of economics.

In the first part, we discuss about the specifications of the computer low-end . This specification is suitable for you who are in school or college, but did not want to miss a game to the latest in PC performance and graphics are quite good though not above average.

The second part will be filled by the computer specs mid-end . Here you will be presented with the medium of choice in terms of price, but above average in terms of quality. This combination should suited for gamers who already earn, but also wants to use the money to buy the machine game to another.

Lastly is the specification of high-end . For this section we will make recommendations for the specification of you who have an income large enough and does intend to have a spec PC with hardware that can be used for several years ahead to game quality high graphics.

In order to keep the information provided here is not to forget, we will endeavor to provide a specification update regularly every six months. Even so, on the hardware of this we can still run the game the most for a relatively long time (about one or two years).

Before we start listing on the PC specifications to play the game , of course you need to first know the function of each of the essential components in the computer. If you really just want to see on our specifications, you can simply click the table of contents at the top of the article. However, if you need an explanation of the essential components in the computer, see our review below.

Explanation About Components

As the name implies, the motherboard is the parent of the computer. This component that connects every component such as processor and memory into a computer that we could use. Given its function is so crucial, choose a motherboard is definitely one of the most important part in building the computer. Do not let the motherboard you choose is not even compatible with other components that have been purchased.


The processor is the brain of the computer. Without a processor, then there would be no computers. Prosesorlah who perform a variety of calculations a computer can do and split orders to the other components. The better the processor you have, then the overall performance of your computer more secure.

VGA (Graphic Card)

Well this is the component that most often make a cold sweat gamers excited. VGA ( Video Graphics Array , yes … not Video Graphics Association ) is the component that determines the visual quality of the graphics that can be handled alias computer. Although VGA is important for the performance of gaming you in the computer, of course, you also have to pay attention to other components in addition to this one.


Random-Access Memory or RAM is commonly abbreviated as the third most important parts of the computer. RAM serves not permanently store data, so the data is needed, and progress will be stored in a storage that will be directly used computers. The greater the amount of RAM, the greater the information that can be directly processed, and means faster computers also perform various commands given.

Storage (Hard disk dan SSD)

One of the components that are less scrutiny than most gamers . In fact, the specification of the hard disk and SSD is one factor that plays an important role in the overall performance of your computer. Capacity storage and use of age has also become one of the main factors in selecting these components.

Power Supply

The more sophisticated the components you use, of course, the greater the power needed. Power supply , as the name suggests, will supply your computer with the power needed. Do not you dare buy the components are super-sophisticated, but the power supply is not strong you have to supply the power needed.


The most easily recognizable from its physical form. Casing or PC Case is the outermost part of your computer. Many users prefer the case only on the visual appearance alone, but also many aspects that must be considered in the election. The material used, the empty space inside the case to support the upgrade , the air circulation patterns, the connectivity of each port is available, the ease of disassembling components, as well as cable management good are a few aspects that must be considered in selecting these components.

Optical Drive

This component is already not very important, especially if you’ve never bought a game physically again. If you’re still diligently buy the DVD game or hobby you buy a music CD to copy it to the hard disk , optical drive is obviously very important. Even so, we still recommend more optical devices such as DVD-RW than Blu-ray.

The above is a brief guide about the components that need to consider when building a PC gaming . We deliberately did not include a monitor , speakers , mouse , keyboard , and other peripheral devices because these objects could be discussed in a separate article.

Without a longer length, we just go to the main part of this article, especially if not on the computer specifications gaming . Check the following article for a complete guide that you need.

Tips Castle Clash became Great Players

Castle Clash is a war strategy games, and set the hero, this time I will give you tips on becoming a great player in the following clash castle consider the tips below

1. Do not Give Up.
These tips surely must be mastered to be a great player, a great player because no quitter, quitter if it was not great but the name people lazy, these tips do not just apply Game Castle clash gem hack, but these tips apply to all games.

2. Do not Lust, Must Be patient.
Tips that one player is required to castle clash that F2P (Free to Play), Why ?, because patience is wide rump primary obligation for the life and the media, so if we wait we are easy to collect something in the game Castle Clash especially Gems, when Gems collected up to thousands, we can be free merolling hero to be a legend

3. Often -War, Torch Battle (TB), and Bossing (IF HAVE GUILD).
This can for players who do not have a guild, but in the compulsory for players who have a guild, Why ?, because the guild is the only resource that has HB, Shard, Fame, Merits etc, we have a great chance to become the greatest player in the Castle The Clash. “If we Guild Win Continues”

Following Often 4. Often-Specific Event.
For a player to F2P required to attend events that are in the social media, such as: Facebook, Instagram, etc., select the Official his prize offered is also quite large of HB, Shard, Merits, Gems to Hero Special Legend, so event has the opportunity to player who wants to be Great.


5. Take Daily Reward Every Day.
Fortunately Castle Clash has daily reward / prize daily, if not, maybe F2P player can not be great, Why ?, because the Daily Reward is the source of the biggest gems in the castle clash, if it has no special gems can not have a hero legend, so do not waste my daily reward is, Why ?, because the daily reward is the opportunity to be a player HOT,

6. Do not waste Here Be Monsters (HBM) and Hero’s Trial (HT).
Do not you dare leave HBM and HT, Why ?, because HBM is a manufacturer Shard and EXP most, whereas HT is a producer of Honor Badges (HB), Hero, gems, etc. are passable. So if you leave it, you do not expect to be a player Superb.

7. Frequent-me-Sweep Often Dungeon.
Often ye mensweep dungeon, Why ?, because it required great when you MIGHT, MIGHT likely will receive a high level dungeon, the higher the level of the dungeon the higher the reward, especially shard. Hence, do not be left sweep dengeon if you want to become a great player.

8. Must Follow The race in Guild.
If you have a guild, and the guild has a race, especially MIGHT race, you ought to come and should seriously follow him, Why ?, because the reward offered was money, and that money can be used for day-to-day life, but I suggest money win the race used to buy items in the castle clash and could increase MIGHT, WOW.

9. Do Concerned Hero, but more to Might.
You do not always improve quality but increase MIGHT first hero dahul, if MIGHT was great, you were free to improve the quality of the hero with ease, and also the greater the daily prize.

10. Never Too Old to Make / Change Base.
Do not take a long time to make your base, Why ?, because for the base will take a long time, if we make the base then such a waste of time, and will leave for another occasion. The point is do not waste time.

8 Ball Pool Games evaluates

8 Ball Pool is a game for Android that enables you to bet individuals – people from around the world through the Net in the video game looks to see that is best.

8 Ball Pool hack, Among the games available on facebook is still loved billiard game lovers around the world consisting of Indonesia are still lots of people play it.

Many gamers who cheat by utilizing the hack cheat line 8 sphere swimming pool that comes to be a long round target line.

Flow of the online game in the 8 Ball Pool is really much like the online game of snooker others. You use your finger to intend the target round, and also ran ahead to hit the ball in the instructions you desire. From there, you need to attempt and also defeat your opponent by complying with the regulations of the strike serangkaina very first entry or rounds undamaged.

When you win, you likewise won a coin. You could mgnggunakan coins outside the video game to acquire various upgrade to the sphere of your viewfinder. In permulaanya, it will certainly be a harsh timber, yet as quickly as you could add new traits to bring a new design into your online game.

8 Round Pool is an online game of snooker with tight gameplay, where you can play with your Facebook friends or arbitrary opponents online. The video game also has superior graphics.

Rank order on the 8 ball swimming pool
This on-line billiard online game needs gamers to accumulate exp and enhance the position of players. Ranking sorted from cheapest to highest as complies with:


The greater the rank the more difficult levels anyway challenger. You can additionally accumulate coins in a manner to win the video game. Tetetapi to obtain 8 Ball Pool cash is not cost-free. You must use the initial money to obtain them.

Tutorial Pokemon Go for Newbie Play Reviews

Scheme Game Pokemon Go In Brief

You will be familiar with that name PokeStop, items such as Candy, Poke Ball, Egg Incubator, Gym, and so forth.

All elements of the course are related to one another. And to get a Pokemon, you have to go out to catch the Pokemon coins hack nearby Nearby emblazoned on the bottom right of your screen.

pokemon go

To catch it, you need a Poke Ball. Make sure to hit Pokemon that really caught up (Gotcha!).

Poke Stop in, you can get a variety of items such as Poke Ball and Egg (egg hatched Pokemon that need to be Pokemon). Well for Egg yourself, you have to put it in an incubator to hatch.

Once put into an incubator, then you should spend walking distance of about 2KM, 5KM and so on depending on the distance required as stated in the Egg (in the incubator).

While waiting for the eggs to hatch and produce Pokemon ‘pets’ you, you can also round to capture Pokemon Poke Stop or other types that are around.

As a trainer (as for you), Gym very useful to train your Pokemon mainstay. The new gym can be used when you already entered the level 5.

And please note, the higher your level the more the items and other features available for your use. And each level requires XP (experience) to be increased. And for XP, you have to play as often as possible, which means you have to go out as often as possibl. get pokecoins freebies

Preparing to Play Pokemon Go

Preparation of the point is to make you better prepared when playing. Now that your gaming experience becomes much more fun, here are some preparations that you need to take a good look, and of course you need to prepare.

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1. Make sure that your Android device has been upgraded to version 4.4 or Android OS KitKat up (a few cases, air-OS Android 4.3.1 Jelly Bean or can also play Pokemon Go). For iOS own minimal air-OS 8+.

2. You must support at least Smartphone WiFi and 3G network (up to 4G).

3. The course must support GPS / Location Services.

4. Minimal RAM is 1GB, if less then the game will be very lag.

5. Gmail account to sign up and log in, it is compulsory for iOS users though.

6. After that, Download and Install Pokemon Go on your smartphone. As mentioned above, in Indonesia has not been released at this time so it is not available in the App Store. Read the full tutorial here to play Pokemon Go.

Clash Royale: Important tips to help newcomers to the arena

Clash Royale Tips

Clash Royale is a new strategy game for iOS and Android. It is a mix of tower Defense- and card game and plays differently than about Clash of Clans. Thus you succeed as a strategist at the beginning, we here have important tips for beginners. So you win maybe more often than before, and rises quickly.

Clash Royale works in principle simple. You step in a duel online against other players. The aim is to destroy the enemy castle with the king. Below the screen you see your card hand, from the plays off their cards. Placed troops as knights or archers or targeting with an ability like hail of arrows at enemies (also in its half). Notice, however, that each card usage costs elixir. Elixir automatically loads itself nevertheless gradually again.

Win their games, are allowed to open their chests and so receives the game-monetary gold, the premium currency jewels or new cards. One of the best cards the way include the rare and especially the epic maps. Read on the following pages important tips for beginners, so you win and faster access to the most cards.

Wait quietly at the beginning of a match and looks something until the opponent placed first units. then responds with the appropriate response and playing cards that beat this enemy units clearly.

Sets as air units against troops who can not shoot at flying units. Against single, strong opponents you throw a lot of small troops in the field and to many small forces caused her best surface damage in Clash Royale – for example, with the magic “arrows”. Defended well once using your tower – a massive counter-strike falls so often easier.

Attack her with slow and strong units (tanks) as the giants to, puts them on the map as possible below. Until the giant reached the bridge, your elixir is namely quickly recharged. Then you can quickly place multiple units at the bridge, running with the Giants and support him.

Placed ranged units like archers or bomber behind a giant. The giant protects your ranged in Clash Royale namely against frontal attacks of the enemy.

Do you have a building that troops ejects, you placed it possible behind a tower. The tower can namely take more damage, thus protecting your building and thus it produces in the game more troops.

On your card hand you should have at least a spell like fireball or arrows. Arrows we can highly recommend because of the low costs and the considerable attack radius.

Have a moderate unit (Mid-tank) such as a knight ready. Think also of flying units. We recommend the baby dragon in the luggage. Have a contrary whatsoever units flying troops can shoot. These are, for example, Archers and Musketier.

You can also place in the attacking half building in Clash Royale. For this you must but first one of the towers of the enemy to destroy. If your building now on in his half, you can exert even more pressure.

You can improve your cards in Clash Royale and increase the individual values. Collect cards of the same type and from a certain number can you upgrade the map. this is indicated with a green bar on your map browser. An improvement will cost you indeed gold, but if you use this clash royale hack tool the upgrade is worth the fight.

Come in a clan. This brings you several advantages in Clash Royale. You can demand cards and donate cards. For donations of cards, there are way rewards in the form of in-game gold. Also, you can work with other clan players and thus be better.

Clash Royale has been released for iOS and Android. More experience you on our review of the game and of course the gaming area on net world. There we have many items for the game Clash of Clans for you.

Best Strategy When Attacking in Clash of Clans

Best Strategy When Attacking in Clash of Clans  Hallo friend coc this time I want to share a trick best combination of attacks in the game clash of clans for lodging in town hall 3 to 8 course, this trick you can use to nge loot elixir, gold and dark elixir so you get rich quick account and max upgrades defend.

How to make a powerful attack on Clash of Clans hack is to provide a combination of attacks by some as the best troops I will review in potingan this time, well for you guys who want to try this strategy simply to cook troops as I suggest later.

clash of clans attact

Formation powerful attacks Clash of Clans has been proven accurate for use as an offensive star, so you definitely get a star by using troops with the following combination:

Best Strategy When COC Attack All Town Hall :

Clash of Clans Attack Strategy for Town Hall 3

Here’s to the best combination of troops at the level of the town hall 3, please use the force I suggest the following:

Troops needed: Giants (6-12) Wall Breakers (6-12) Archer (If there is still space in the army camp)
Trophy Level: –

Attacking Strategy: For the 2-3 Giants team consisting of 2-3 Giants, Attack Base Concurrent opponent yet different position (eg Team A Striking the right, B left, C top) and then cover with the Giants behind the Giants and mobilize Archer prioritizing attack tools first defense (Canon, Archer Tower), Apabiila surrounded by walls, destroy the Wall Breakers.

Clash of Clans Attack Strategy for Town Hall 5-7

1. Easy Destruction

Troop required: Wizards (3) Giants (8) Ballon (3) Wall Breakers (2) Archer (15)
Trophy Level: 700-900
Attacking Strategy: Use All Ballon in one place (if the opponent does not have a Wizard Tower) when there is a Wizard Tower, attack by spreading, use Giants and Archer To destroy the Air Defense and Archer Tower.

2. Giant Rush

Troops needed: Giants (20-28) Wall Breakers (2) + Healing Spells / Rage Spells
Trophy Level: 1100
Attacking Strategy: Use Wall breakers to smash the wall of opponents and muster all Giant simultaneously, and protect the Healing Spell Giant or Giant Accelerating motion by using the Rage Spell

3. Barbarian Rush with Giants & Healer

Tropps required: Healers (1) Wall Breakers (2) Giant (8) Barbarians (70+)
Trophy Level: 80-1100
Attacking strategy: Destroy the barrier opponents with Wall Breakers, fishing troops opponent out of the clan castle but if empty, immediately lower the Giant to destroy Air Defense (First), Mortar and Wizard Tower. After the third such weapons were destroyed, immediately use the Barbarians. cheat clash of clans gems tool