Advertise your Facebook Fan page Post: 7 things Mandatory Must-Do!

We know that one type of various types of facebook advertising is advertising a post facebook fan page or ad type is how to verify facebook page commonly called Page Post Ads, as we have already discussed earlier.


Well, I realized, type facebook ads this one is a type of advertising that is very powerful. Why is this so? Because you can update the ad optimization with it without having to wait the number of fans on your facebook fan page! Assume you second made fan page and instantly post sale, but does not yet have fans/likes, well this type of ad is a locomotive driving Your sales activity if you want to direct selling. As for the tips-tricks very optimum for this ad could be examined further on the Secret deliberations of the Maximize Page Post Ads, because this time I focus on the activity of monitoring, evaluating, optimizing the content.

For those of you who lay with facebook ads/facebook ads, tutorial how to create facebook ads can be a basic guide for you. But if you are already accustomed to advertising directly on facebook, just check out these tips from me here about things to watch out for in the advertise post facebook fan page:

1. Monitoring the Facebook Fan page Post Ads with a Pinned Post

When a posting at the post on the fan page, then it will automatically sink along with the emergence of new postings, this makes monitoring (monitor advertising, answering comments audience, analyze the performance etc.) a posting advertised fan page will be difficult. Then you review the posting ads on Ads Manager:

Then select the campaign that contains the ad in question, then you better make a posting advertised the facebook fan page become a pinned post (the mark of the tape), so that the latter post appeared above the timeline facebook fan page, so the admin is easy to monitor the post. But this post is automatically submerged again when it’s been 7 days since pinned post. An example of the already pinned post:

2. Monitoring the Facebook Fanpage Post Ads with Embed Post

Embed post intended to display post fan page on your website/blog or anything that support HTML, when pinned post only last for 7 days, then embed a post could be all that we want, a simple Example is suppose I advertise 3 posting facebook fan page, then I cut the HTML embed code’s post on Blog Post/Post the HTML section of the Website. That way we can monitor more efficiently some posts fan page on 1 page Blog Post.

3. Evaluation of the performance of the ads with Content Editing Features Post

The evaluation deals with the feedback that emerges from the audience related to our ads, e.g. most of them ask will anything, yet we haven’t put/forget noted, then the feature “editing” it could make it easier for You, it can work even though the ads are already running, therefore greatly facilitate our add/deduct content where we need to better optimize.