Fun and cheap holiday in Lombok

Lombok is a mandatory tourist destinations you entered in the list of vacation plans. His name is perhaps not yet as famous as Bali or Jogja, however the beauty of the beaches and culture will undoubtedly make you want to return to Lombok. Here are tips in order to make your trip to the island is not a drain on the wallet contents however remain pleasurable.


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1. Hunt promo cheap tickets

If your hobby is traveling is certainly no stranger to various promo fly cheaply provided by the airline. The key, you must be diligent to surf in the virtual world so as not to miss any information. Another easy way is to follow the airline’s twitter account so if they’re rolling out the program we know. Yes, who quickly he can. Happy hunting for cheap tickets.

2. when the weekday day Vacation instead of the weekend

Oleh due to Lombok is now one of the tourist destinations that are intended for domestic and foreign travelers then no wonder if now that area is always crowded. In order to make your vacation fun, should come on Monday – Friday instead of Saturday-Sunday. Weekend certainly Lombok will be jam-packed, including those travelling in Bali and chose to spend the weekend in Lombok. Another reason is because the weekend hotel rates and lodging also surged up.

3. Choose a cheap lodging in Mataram

So that your bag is not drained, choose an affordable accommodation that you can meet in Mataram. Although a bit far from tourist attractions but some bed and breakfasts, hotels and homestay is still with the price which is pretty reasonable i.e. Rp. 80,000 – IDR 450,000 per night. Cheap isn’t it?

4. arrange the itinerary closely

Novotel LOMBOKMustahil KUTA Beach, a short vacation to make if you could visit all the tourist destinations in Lombok. We should be careful in determining wherever the place to be visited. If your favorite place is Kuta Beach area, then we can arrange the itinerary includes some locations which are not mutually far apart.

As for food lovers, there is no harm if your vacation combined with some culinary Jeep object. Other barriers that may arise is the narrowness of the vacation time You have. If that’s the case, we can plan a day trip in Lombok that lets you visit some of the main destinations of the island. Draft trip 2 days 1 night ever worth a try so that more and more the beauty of Lombok that we can see.

Transportation usually becomes a barrier when we are travelling. Not all towns in Indonesia have public transportation is cheap, easy and convenient. If you encounter difficulties while on holiday in Lombok, the solution is to hire a motorbike. Motorbike rental providers you can encounter in Mataram, the price is very friendly i.e. Rp 50 thousand to rent for a day. Oya, using the motor You can also be more flexible visiting various sights that might accidentally we skip. If the duration of your vacation is long enough, it’s worth to explore various interesting things in Lombok we meet when I travel.

6. always prepare the cash (cash) in wallet

These tips are not the show that we in Lombok will trouble finding a bank or ATM (Cash Platform Independent) but by bringing cash will ease your financial traksaksi. Anytime we need money need not bother searching ATM. Not only that money, cash is also useful when you visit some tourist destinations that provide voluntary donations to fund box. Your cash is also very handy to pay for the services of tour guides at the destinations we visit.

7. always bring sunscreen and a polite

Sunscreen or sunblock is often called a mandatory gear you bring and use. Lombok weather which tends to heat will make the skin getting darker. Use sunscreen to keep out the sunlight that hit your skin. Holiday activities such as snorkeling and diving are also better if it is done by applying sunblock in advance. Lombok is also known by the people who are still upholding the norms of East and predominantly Muslim. They will be very cynical with the settlers wearing skimpy and behaving rude.

Tips Travelling to Lombok

Lombok is beautiful and can be an alternative option if you do not want a vacation sights too crowded. Suasan Lombok is still natural and quieter.

Although only a few hours crossing from Bali, Lombok has a natural character and a different culture of Bali. For you who are planning a vacation to Lombok , the following tips to Lombok travel you can not log: ganggari fast boat


Set your departure time with an effective flight on Friday. For ye are of Bandung, can take a direct flight Bandung – Lombok, while the Jakarta there are several options for flights transit in Surabaya.
If you depart from Bali, the easiest way to Lombok, either through public crossings from the port of Padang Bai. Fees for general ship (Ferry) around £ 49,000 while the fast boat (Fastboat) ranged from £ 250,000 to £ 300,000 with the distance of one hour.

Take a trip spontaneity is exciting, but for a place to stay, we advise you to book accommodation first two days of long ago. Because the first time we landed course will feel tired and need time to rest immediately.

After the break, the next day we could walk while trying to find better accommodation which may be cheaper. It tips if you want a vacation that is more spontaneous. If there is not a long time to do the things above, let booked lodging, transportation and the location you want to visit.

Some places in Lombok could be a recommendation to stay but still a favorite place in the tourist area of Senggigi. In addition to the access would be closer if you want to cross over to Gili Trawangan , Gili Air and Gili Meno , Senggigi offers the hustle and dining area is pretty crowded for travel suasanan.
Peak season like June, July, December and January could be a consideration for you to book accommodation early departure.

Lombok is different from Bali, will be more convenient if you can rent a car to get around the Lombok. Car rental in Lombok is slightly more expensive than in Bali, but you’ll get so much information tourist sites of the driver, or you can use some services Local Tour Guide.

While in Lombok, you can try the services of some of the transport provider’s like Lombok Click Holiday .

5. sunscreen, HAT AND SUNGLASSES
Tourism is the mainstay of Lombok island beaches are very beautiful and exotic. Starting from Kuta beach , Tanjung Aan , Mawun beaches, Pink Beach , Tanjung Ringgit, and much more. Effect of heat coast will make you not nyhaman thereafter. After sunscreen, bring a hat for men or women, scarves and mineral water deposits.

If you want comfortable, you can buy “after sun” or moisturizing cream after exposure to sunlight. Aloe vera is also effective to “soak” our skin after a day of sunburn. These tips can be used for all including small children with no record allergic to aloe vera.

If the arrival in Lombok, you prepare yourself to save some cash in the wallet more, ATMs are not too many in some of the tourist spots Lombok. Count on some expenses such as rent a speed boat / public rental boat to play to the dyke, buy snacks and mineral water, pay tike entry tourist attractions, lunch and so on.

7. GARMENT courteous
The majority of the population is Sasak Lombok the Islamic religion and still maintain the social norms in society. Although Lombok become one of the tourist destinations we still could not be any in the dressing.

For this we recommend you to choose accommodation around Senggigi. Downtown Lombok, Mataram was not too crowded before the 8 pm. Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the night, there are several cafes in Senggigi like Alberto, Banana Tree Cafe, stalls Paradiso or in the Garden Restaurant.

Gili Trawangan is also the place to experience the night life of Lombok. Of course you have to cross since the afternoon or evening and spend the night on the island. Usually midnight, rating the small island densely deployed several parties and musical entertainment until the morning.

Source: Linkers – Citilink Inflight Magazine edition April 2015

Due to his favorite locations, Senggigi is the place to visit when you are in Lombok. With a number of attractions to be enjoyed, Senggigi will not cease to amaze you. The hidden beauty of Lombok are waiting to be explored.

Save time and money when booking with promising the best hotel deals in Senggigi and many other areas in Lombok. You will be spoiled for choice of accommodation in Lombok Holiday Resort Lombok ranging from family friendly to Sendok Guest House is oriented for business people.

Lombok Vacation Spots That Are Not Never Boring!

Past, maybe people will think twice before holiday to Lombok . In addition to first transport to Lombok was quite difficult, holiday destinations in Lombok are still many who do not know. But all that seems to have changed a lot after the Lombok International Airport is new in Praya. Lombok increasingly ngehits, both among traveler Indonesian and foreign tourists.


Indeed Lombok as one of the largest island in the West Nusa Tenggara Province is known for having beautiful natural scenery, and not too crowded crowded by tourists. In this Lombok, you can not only discover the charm of underwater super beautiful, exotic beaches with fine white sand captivating but you can also find the typical cuisine that is tasty and delicious Lombok. Best transfer from bali to gili island by fast boats

Panoramic beauty of the beach lombok.we
Well, destination – holiday destinations in Lombok that this would prove that the island of Lombok is never boring for the visit in Indonesia. No wonder, many people who say that you can see Bali in Lombok, but not to the contrary.

1. Three Gili Lombok With the Enchantment Under The sea is enchanting

Indonesia is the country with most reanya ocean, because it is natural that has a wealth of incredible ocean. Three Gili in Lombok is one of many places in Indonesia, which has the charm of the beautiful underwater.

In addition to the surrounding sea water is so crystal clear, underwater life around the three Gili was so awesome. Ranging from various types of marine animals to colorful coral reefs are beautiful. You can enjoy it all with swimming, snorkeling or diving around the three Gili in Lombok. Three dyke earlier is Gili Trawangan , Gili Meno , Gili Air.

Three locations in Lombok Gili is easy to reach from Lombok Island, or you can also at the same time stay in Gili Trawangan , the biggest island. Three crossing to Gili in Lombok can of Senggigi , or from the Port Ward.

There already are travel agents who provide services diving or snorkeling tour packages. From Praya Lombok International Airport, you can go to Senggigi which is only 45 minutes by taxi or Damri.

2. Enjoy Fresh Tetebatu Village, The Place Where You Can relax with Maximum!

Lombok not only has the beach, but have a comfortable place that could be used for recreation and relaxation. One is the Village Tetebatu, a picturesque village at the foot of Mount Rinjani. Here, of course, you can get a different experience Lombok dong: D

Imagine the lush green paddy fields, breezy air that gently soothes the skin, and the typical mountain fresh air. In addition people are friendly, and the atmosphere around the still calm, make this village is suitable for you who is still looking for a quiet place, complete with a lovely view.

This Tetebatu villages within 12 kilometers from the city of Mataram. To get to the village, you can use the bus from the main terminal to the Saw Mataram. Arriving at the Market Pauk cut, you can proceed with cidomo, carriage Lombok. After roughly take two kilometers and take less than half an hour you will reach the village Tetebatu.

3. Pura Batu Bolong, Lombok Pura With A Captivating sunsetnya

Although not as much as in Bali, Lombok also has cool lokasina temple on the waterfront. Pura Batu Bolong is located near Senggigi Beach is indeed cool because sunsetnya charming scenery. This temple is located just opposite the Lombok and Gunung Agung in Bali.

Pura Batu Bolong because it has become one of the best places to see the sunset on Lombok apart on Senggigi Beach. Here you can see the beautiful sun sink slowly to the background silhouette of Pura Batu Bolong. Cool, right?

Location Pura Batu Bolong is located not far from Senggigi, easiest anyway if heading to Pura Batu Bolong by the motor vehicle. Visit this temple towards the sunset, after a long day of snorkeling or diving. Enjoy the sunset while you relax and rest would be nice is not it?

4. Delivery Taste Chicken and Spinach Khlokardashianodom, Special Taste of Lombok

It is no secret that Indonesia has a rich culinary it will taste. Lombok is one of the islands that complements the taste of Indonesia varied it. Distinctive flavor is the most famous chili chicken taliwang . Taliwang chicken are typical dishes chilli famous spicy, unique taste, and so flavorful marinade.

Spicy flavor that permeated the fitting on chicken meat have certainly made the mouth does not stop chewing, the tongue that always sways to sweat profusely. Perhaps also you will stop occasionally for spiciness so turbulent.

If still less spicy, you can also add plecing spinach as an escort. Undoubtedly, you will get a real taste of spicy chili! A serving of spinach plecing This usually consists of boiled spinach plus tomato sauce made from a concoction of cayenne pepper, salt and tomato paste. Hemm, without definitely felt saliva dripping!

Of course, in addition to Chicken Delivery Khlokardashianodom kale and there are still a lot of culinary Lombok is unique and delicious. Among others is one bulayak, satay beef with spices typical Sasak tribe, or race desolate rice. Rice Race Pad is a unique culinary Lombok containing rice with side dishes such as shredded chicken meat processed with chili, soy beans, sprinkles dried shrimp, shredded and fried eel. The food is also a tasty and can be found in the village Pad, Central Lombok.

5. Selong Belanak Beach, Coastal Asik For Surfing And Relax

Maybe you’re the type of traveler who likes a challenge. Relax, this Lombok has a myriad of challenging destinations. For instance, there Selong Belanak beach in southern Lombok is a favorite place to practice surfing! Yes, surfing with waves suitable for novice surfers to the already professional!

Indeed Beach Selong Belanak has waves quieter, than at other beaches in Lombok. Because the beach Selong Belanak make beaches are popular among novice surfers. Besides landscaping is also so beautiful beach with sand as fine as flour.

Shorelines Selong Belanak own approximately one kilometer, the texture of the sand as fine flour, and suasanaanya fun. Here you can also buy fresh fish caught from local residents who work as fishermen.

Selong Belanak beach located in South Lombok, about 60 kilometers from the city of Mataram . You can use public transport to get here, but the easiest way is to use private vehicles. Alternatively, you can stay in the Kuta area which is just a 15-minute drive from the beach Selong Belanak.

Mataram is the perfect place to explore the cultural attractions of Lombok. With a number of attractions to be enjoyed, Mataram will not cease to amaze you. Is a stunning location, Lombok has been reputed as one of the landmarks of the most frequently visited and outstanding hospitality.

General Situation of Lombok, Lombok Tourism History, Culture Lombok

Located in the east of Bali, Lombok various ways of life up until now, and so many have tourist beaches and beautiful mountains, which is described as the “an unspoiled Bali”.With beautiful beaches, great waterfalls and dazzling, towering will be a huge volcano Rinjani Mount combined with relatively few tourists, Lombok is indeed a tropical island paradise, but there are still many people who mistakenly imagine Bali at the present time.


Lombok and Bali are separated by amed accommodation the Lombok Strait. It is also a part of the bio-geographical boundary between the Indo-Malaysian flora and fauna is distinctly different from Australasia. This limit is known as the Line Wallacean, after Alfred Russel Wallace who first commented on the striking difference between animals of Indo-Malaysia and the people of Australia and suddenly became the boundary between the two biomes. (Tags: chili travel packages)

Lombok mention it was paradise does not mean it is all things to all people. With a few exceptions, landscapes and traditional way of life have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Almost all small and medium enterprises run by a local family. Many of these businesses sell a wide range of wide range of merchandise, in which villagers can find food and all the toys in small shops. Although it allows you to find a five-star hotel run by global companies that is an exception and not a rule. Everywhere in the world of fast food franchises or restricted to two outlets in the Mataram Mall which is located in the main city of Lombok and looked pretty good signs are posted. (Tags: chili travel packages)

In the language of indigenous Sasak people of Lombok interpret the word “chili” can mean “luum-book” which literally translated into Indonesian as straight ( “straight ahead”).Common misunderstanding is that the name comes from the island of Lombok Indonesian meaning of Lombok itself as chili or (chilli in Indonesian) as predicted by many visitors and some people from other parts of the Indonesian archipelago. (Tags: chili travel packages)

Lombok Tourism History

Sasak culture dominant in Lombok and properties that are controlled and society that peace may help explain why Lombok is becoming increasingly popular with tourists and travelers who want a honeymoon, relax and at relatively low prices
, the state of the tropical atmosphere is lively, with many content of natural treasures and breathtaking scenery. Nothing happens quickly in Lombok and is suitable for visitors who are stressed from the bustle of activity of daily life they are just busy and Lombok be the perfect choice for a vacation.

Each of the Years next tourism remains an option that is very crowded in Lombok. Rating in 2010-2011 seems to have returned with some confidence that travel to the island is relatively safe, and there is no concern among many international travelers on a trip to Lombok completely gone. Lombok island remains a destination that is quiet, peaceful and safe for visitors. Lombok is the right place to relax, with a warm tropical sun can usually slowly melt away with a sense of urgency and haste of most visitors.

A new international airport is Lombok International Airport and related infrastructure has been built and officially can operate on October 1, 2011. (tags: chili travel packages)

culture Lombok

Climate Lombok has a rich and original culture has survived the pressures of modernity very well. a strong culture and history of the rest of the Sasak people, one of which is can be seen from the many unique attractions of this island. The island has a total population of 3,166,685 (as of 2010 census), 85% are indigenous Sasak people originally thought to arise from Java in the first millennium BC. Other residents include about Bali 10-15%, and only small parts into the Chinese-, Java, Sumbawanese and Arab-Indonesia. Sasak people, culture and language are still closely related to the Balinese, but unlike Bali Hindu, Muslim-majority practice and local traditions. (Tags: chili travel packages)

While Lombok has weathered tropical, hot and humid, Lombok dominant drier than its neighbor the city of Bali, which makes it a very attractive option during the rainy season from October to April (rain in Lombok too, but rarely for more than an hour or two ). The peak tourist season, though, in the month of May to August. (Tags: chili travel packages)

Language in Lombok

The main local language is the language Sasak used, which is becoming everyday language a native Sasak Lombok. Sasak language commonly used throughout Lombok and has a variety of different dialects across the island. Indonesian is also spoken or at least understood by many local people and will usually be used in government offices, stores larger and area businessman. In more remote areas and underdeveloped in Lombok, Indonesian is not often used and sometimes can not be understood by the public, especially the elderly and those who no formal education.

10 Places of Interest in Lombok Highly Recommended

Places of Interest in Lombok a conversation that made a lot of interest in the tour, not only among young people, even among parents who love travel the world many are choosing the island of Lombok.


1. Mount Rinjani The Beauty And Beloved Travelers

Mount Rinjani is one of the icons Places in Lombok are not to be missed, as it includes the most famous. The the gili getaway fast boat migrant was far from all over to be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountain how this can be felt directly. Reaching 3,700 meters high, how high up is referred to as second volcano in Indonesia. However, the mountain also has a value of its own sites, in other words close to the spiritual community considers there because all of the mountain is the abode of the gods.

Many become favorites are ascent path that holds its own beauty in all of Asia. So this becomes interesting sights for tourists to visit because there is no match for its beauty when compared to the attractions in Lombok overall. And how to get there? You need a few days to be able to get to the top, and of course you need also to set up some supplies as a supplement in the ascent. Well, you then stay to enjoy the atmosphere of the most beautiful mountain climbing that has been entered in the Register of Places in Lombok very interesting.

Want to know the charm of Mount Rinjani in detail? More Read: Mount Rinjani As One Attractions Favorites

2. Pura Batu Bolong The Many favored

The Pura Batu Bolong is a Travel Sites in Lombok is located in the area of Senggigi, Lombok, precisely on the black rocks jutting into the sea. In the middle there is a hole that is exactly as Pura Batu Bolong. Well, to get into the temple is indeed required to wear yellow cloth around his waist, the same as in Bali. This is closely related to the background of Mount Agung beautiful scenery and background Lombok Strait also very beautiful, especially when dusk with the sun going down.

3. The Senggigi Beach Crowded Visited

Senggigi Beach is a place in Lombok Tourism is also the most visited by tourists, precisely in the western part of the island of Lombok. To atmosphere in a tourist spot almost equal to that at Kuta Beach Bali Island, the waves were very quiet so by the tourists are widely used for snorkeling and swimming. Long coastline, with beautiful sand beaches and the sea water is very clear. As the most famous beach in Lombok, causing many tourist attractions creating facilities such as bars, hotels, vending pulse, restaurants, transportation, and so forth.

4. Narmada Its Watery Fresh Create Ageless

Places of Interest in Lombok another existing Narmada Park is located in the village of Lembuak, precisely in the eastern city of Mataram with a land area of 2 hectares. Historically, this place was built by the first king of Mataram in 1727 which is where ceremonies and rest area people kingdom. But gradually become a tourist spot as it exists now. This park has another uniqueness lies in its unique design that is a replica of Mount Rinjani, and some springs that are believed to create a youthful when drunk and washed to advance. Because as told earlier that the people there really believe in the values that come from the ancestors. Tourist destinations in Lombok so this one is very interesting to visit.

5. Waterfall Sendang Gile Owns Holy Water

Then there is also the Tourism Sites in Lombok is Sendang Gile, which are located in North Lombok, with a distance of about 3 hours drive from the city of Mataram. No region in the village of Senaru as its entrance to be able to get to places climbing Mount Rinjani. Because the source of water is also a lot like the one in Taman Narmada, and the waterfall is believed to be the water that can make youth and longevity when used to shower and wash my face. You only need to climb up 200 stairs in Sendang Gile to enjoy water that makes this ageless.

Actually, not just Spring Gile visited by many tourists, there are two Niagara else can you singgahi which has a view that is no less captivating Niagara Tiu Kelep and Batara lap.

6. Lake Segara Anak Yang Much Admired

This is one place in Lombok Travel highly recommended for those who are true nature lovers. Its location close to the crater of Mount Rinjani with the confidence of citizens who say that this is a sea which broke up over the island, because the color of the water so blue as the sea water so that the original referred to as the sea broke.Lovely to meet with the atmosphere of the afternoon, and the waves sweet twilight.

In this lake, you who want to enjoy climbing Mount Rinjani is complete, you can use a travel agency that later will take you past the Lake Segara Anak and then stay on the lake shore. On the lake you will later traveled to fishing so that the preparation of fishing gear not to be missed as well. Approximately 9 hours later you need to spend to be able to reach Lake Segara Anak on foot, but you will be enchanted by the landscape so a trip to the Places of Interest in Lombok tired will not be felt in vain.

7. Kuta Beach Lombok Not Lose Its Cool

Not only in Bali which has Kuta beach. If in Yogya there Ngobaran Beach, and in Malang there Balekambang Beach, nah, Lombok Kuta Beach Lombok there as a tourist attraction is very beautiful. Its location in the village of Kuta, Mataram, with the title of the locals that the beach pepper. This beach is the most beautiful beach in Lombok since rarely touched by tourists, perhaps we can say as the beaches are still virgin. Because there are many touching and use this place for recreation or just to calm down. Somehow, just maybe this place very much, or indeed too isolated so of its own citizens even less aware.

With the convenience of which serve as surfing the waves are very fit it to your lovers surfing world with friendly waves. In fact, you can also make this place for fishing, snorkeling, diving, and horse riding. This place feels how his friendly to be used as getaways are beautiful and comfortable. Highly recommended for you are very fond of tranquility on the beach that became Places in Lombok’s favorite.

8. Monkey Forest Pusuk Funny-Cute

Monkey Forest Attractions Pusuk is very helpful for us to use as a tourist destination on the island of Lombok, it’s still the same, namely in the area of Mount Rinjani as a habitat for monkeys whose number has reached hundreds. Well, you are advised to be careful when driving on the trip because a lot of monkeys playing in the street. You’ll get to Sendang Gile, at the Monkey Forest Pusuk this resting place that makes it seem interesting Places. Although short, the tourists really enjoy the pleasant atmosphere for all. Monkey same state as that in Bali, like snatch food from the tourists who bring the food. So you have to be careful, and so try not to take food when it got here so a visit to the Places of Interest in Lombok stay comfortable.

9. Enjoy its Sunshine Coast Sire

There is another place in Lombok Tourism of the most recommended, namely Sire Beach Lombok is located in the North with a distance of 35 kilometers from Mataram, the same as the other beaches, equally beautiful with a landscape that could be considered beautiful. When the weather is sunny, you can see Mount Rinjani from here. Its coastline is approximately 4 kilometers to travel very much like snorkeling, swimming, canoeing, and fishing. You do not even need to bother with your luggage to the play equipment, but there has been no supply of rental places for you who do need it as a complement.

10. Tanjung Ringgit Fun To Calm Yourself

There is also a place whose name Travel Lombok Tanjung Ringgit, which is foreign to the people of Lombok itself because it is located at the southeastern tip of the island of Lombok and far also from the city of Mataram.Its location in the District Jerowaru separate, approximately 85 kilometers from the city of Mataram. Need to use private vehicles, for example cars, or hire is also not a problem, because there is no public transportation there. It is indeed far so rarely visited, even rarely known by the residents themselves. So perfect for those who really want to be comfortable with the peace and quiet, especially suitable for dating or honeymoon because then the atmosphere will be felt personally once when choosing this one place.

Tanjung Ringgit which is one of the objects in Lombok Tourism is indeed the course of rugged, very long row of cliffs stretching and twisting. But it will not disappoint you because the scenery served really beautiful once, at the outset it was clear that the road taken over the cliff Karas and cut with ravines lot, also limits directly with the Indian Ocean. However, be assured, you will not be disappointed.

You are advised to be careful on the way because of the steep and dangerous, it’s just for your soul Bolang alias adventurous boy, when he arrived at the beach will be the most exciting thing. As Places of Interest in Lombok, beaches are beautiful, clean, and naturally, you can rent a boat passing by to take to the waters. That way you can enjoy the cliffs from below, and see the beautiful fish in the clear water.

You can also move into Places with another cliff to try to drink fresh water in order to quench your thirst. The well was right on the edge of the sea, fresh water, and the terrain is too steep. But in the eastern part of the cave you will see relics of Japanese society called the Great Cave. According to them, inside the cave there are fresh water, it’s just dark and deep, so you do not rush to sign. Needs to be reconsidered to go in there. Beyond that, you can enjoy a wide range of other places that are still in a tourist area in Lombok.

Among the most preferred by the tourists Lombok Tanjung Ringgit is its beauty as the morning sun began to say hello and look so beautiful. So this moment is well suited to be immortalized through photographs of the sights you can be so amazing with freshness and coolness there. But that is no less important to note is that you must stay by renting a tent near Tower Lighthouse.


Lombok Bali is now a major competitor in reflecting the natural beauty and exotic sea and beaches. How come?Lots dyke in Lombok great potential in boosting tourist arrivals to Indonesia. In addition, there are variations in the characteristics of the dyke which further adds to the uniqueness of the island of Lombok, call it Gili Nanggu. Gili is perfect for those who like peace and quiet, away from the noisy visitor activity and the frenetic party in front of the coast. In Gili Nanggu , you will feel the beauty of nature is extraordinary, accompanied by the soft sand beach and calm waves.


To achieve Gili Nanggu, you had to bali to gili island cross from the port sheet to this dyke use the boat. Ships that you use is a fishing vessel, because there is rarely a common vessel for the purpose of the dyke, because it is not the main destination for tourists. The trip takes 30 minutes, but guaranteed you will not want to rush – rush arrives, because along the way you are treated to views of the sea large extend with the beauty of a very indulgent eye.

Gili Nanggu is perfect for those who love peace and want to isolate themselves from the bustle of the crowds.That’s because this small island is rarely visited by tourists, and caused at least shows and events organized by the resort or the café, which is also rare in Gili Nanggu. You can enjoy the beauty of Gili Nanggu with a walk – the road on the coast, and snorkeling. The natural beauty of the underwater Gili is very amazing, very regrettable if you miss.


But do not worry, diving under the sea is very clear and transparent will be very memorable for you. Because the beauty of the sea and the natural biota are still awake, make you will feel at home – in the long Nanggu Tourism Gili Lombok. Not to mention the fish – benign diverse colors ready to pamper your eyes. You can also feed the fish here, by putting bread into plastic bottles, fish – the fish will come up to you, really extraordinary.Surely you do not want to miss this opportunity is not it?

Dive beneath the sea it can be done anytime, but we recommend to do it in the daytime, when the sun is hot – the heat. Because, when the all the coral reefs and the fish will be obvious, because the sunlight coming through the crystal clear sea water in Gili Nanggu Lombok. Not only that, the waves and the wind was still being friendly to us, in contrast to the morning and evening which is the early emergence of morning and evening breeze, the waves can be large and dangerous. So, if you need a place of peace and away from the crowds, there is no harm in visiting Lombok Travel Gili Nanggu when the holidays.

Dream Beach, Beautiful Dreams Have Nusa Lembongan

There is a unique place in Bali, his name is Dream Beach Nusa Lembongan which means dream beach. Here it is not as busy as Kuta Beach, but the scenery is not inferior to Kuta Beach. Situated quite hidden, were among the small islands of Bali, this beach has a million exoticism that must be visited.




Dream Beach this is scoot fast cruises review not very extensive, but the waves were crashing on the Indian Ocean seem high and smash the reef. Undulating waves is very fast and hard. Suitable for surfing and challenge your guts.

If you follow the tour in bali, you will see the tourists sway-swing on her surfboard.Another reason is the still virgin beaches, yet by greedy hand of man is the main attraction. And again the locals are so friendly and homely, typical of Indonesian society.


Dream beach is also suitable for simply playing sand beaches or just to enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of the beach. You will feel like being stranded on a small island so charming. This is because the beach is still quiet not too crowded. Rarely, do you, can feel a sense of freedom on the beach?

Dream Beach is very famous in the eyes of foreign tourists. Not infrequently, when they visited in Bali, they did not forget to pay a visit in Nusa Lembongan. Usually they are happy sunbathing on the beach and there is also a surfing. Yes, like the one in Kuta, there is also a swim in the sea.


Dream Beach is located in Nusa Lembongan Bali. If we from Sanur Beach or Padangbai, we can go with the fast boat to get there. Download Mushroom Bai majors to the dock because here the distance is closer. Then from here, rent a car follows the driver to get you onto there. If you want cheaper to use a motorcycle.


Around Nusa Lembongan Dream Beach there is a hotel named Dream Beach Huts. The hotel’s facilities complete and the service is good. In the hotel there is a swimming pool, so, if being you are afraid to swim in Coastal Dreams because the waves are high, can really swim here.

Dream Beach has so far devoted only to tourists who stay at Dream Beach Huts. Very few domestic tourists who visit here. But if you do not intend to stay here, you can see the Dream Beach from a distance. Moreover, rates stay at this hotel is not cheap, the cheapest room there was pegged with the official amounts to 500 thousand per night.

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Nusa Lembongan itself is dominated by hills, so do not be surprised to see the beautiful hills in as far as the eye can see. The extent of his own about eight kilometers, so you just ride a motorcycle for the whole island without using a rental car. Jam Nusa Lembongan Island there are eight other small islands are no less famous by this island.

Featured Travel Destinations in Central Lombok

Central Lombok regency is one that continues to grow in Lombok Nusa Tenggara Barat. Many tourist attractions are scattered in Central Lombok, from beaches, waterfalls and gili cat  other natural attractions. Of the many destinations into full swing it would at least 5 Central Lombok leading tourist spot which is not only beautiful but also always travelers. Curious?

air terjun sendang gile

1. Waterfall Yarn Stokel

Yarn waterfall tourist area Stokel very beautiful and cool and soothing. The atmosphere can eliminate fatigue and back mind is clear. The charm of this waterfall comes from the level of waterfall covered by green leaves also because the place is surrounded by trees that make natural shades palpable. The order of the top waterfall called netting, while at the second level there are three waterfalls in a row. Yarn Stokel waterfall site is located at an altitude of 552 meters above sea level in the tourist area of Mount Rinjani National Park. In the language Sasak, Yarn Stokel means ball of string. The name was given because the shape of this waterfall that resembles a thread that tied together.

2. Waterfall Yarn Nets

Waterfall Yarn Nets is one of the destinations that you must visit when to Central Lombok. The air in the waterfall area Yarn Nets still very fresh and beautiful. Waterfall flowing over the top looks very smooth and elegant. Outdoor atmosphere of the jungle village of Aik Berik, this is very promising tranquility for the tourists who want a vacation from fatigue. Water drops pierced in Yarn Nets comes from a height of 40 meters. Water is what makes the plants in the region Yarn Nets can flourish. The waterfall is divided into two sections with 2-3 levels. High flow in the first part reaches about 30 meters, while the second is only about 10 meters. Anyway, Waterfall Yarn Nets do not have a pool. However, due to the flow of falling water is not hard then we can easily play under water without feeling pain. The water was also still awake naturalness that is not harmful to health.

3. Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach was awarded the almost perfect beauty.The sand is pure white with blue beaches, the area is surrounded by hills. From afar, it looks like the green hills surrounding some corner of the beach. The area tends to quiet an added value which covers the beach is not as big as Kuta Beach in Bali. The beauty of Kuta beach in the morning is quite soothing to the soul of tourists who visit. By foreign tourists, an abundance of warm sunshine is used for sunbathing. Underwater beauty of Kuta beach is also stunning. Try playing snorkeling to enjoy its beauty. For those who want to ride the waves of Kuta beach which is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean, you can try surfing. A complete presentation of the beaches are still quiet from hawkers this.

4. Turkish Gerupuk

This beach has 5 surf spots from the start for beginners to advanced levels. This surf spot named after the city of origin of tourists most visited. Surf beach Gerupuk type-coral reef with waves right direction. Based on wave height, wave and wind combination, at least three spots on the beach is ideal for surfing the inner, outer and tattoo point. On the inside, right waves have high walls and long. When air blows from the southwest then that the best time for surfers. The waves were coming at that moment can reach up to 10 feet. The outer part is the part where large waves and strong southpaw. Here you will get a wave with varying heights. In October to April, the wave height will reach 4-6 feet. While tattoo point, a fitting location for maneuver with long wave and short wave that right. Surf beach Gerupuk regional classy classic waves that can be enjoyed all lever surfer. The average surfer who came to the beach Gerupuk keen to enjoy the big waves and waves coming from the southwest.

5. Fresh Coast

Climb to the top of the hill that is around Fresh beach you will find the perfect spot to enjoy the beauty of the beach from above. Take out your camera and capture the moment that we can see from there. You will see a stretch of white sand beaches and contrast. The sand on the beach sand Fresh pepper manifold as we can see in Tanjung Aan. Not to mention the beautiful cluster of hills. Really refreshing eye panorama. The sea is still very clear that you do not need to bother for snorkeling if you want to see the beauty beneath the sea. You stay bent to see moss and rocks that is home to small fish. When low tide, you can play a little into the middle to see the beautiful panorama of the sea. During high tide, the beach Fresh visited many travelers who want to conquer the waves. Many foreign surfers who come to try their shrewdness. Fresh beach not only save the beauty but also the legend that until now is still trusted by the local community that is the legend of Princess Mandalika. That’s why some people call the beach Fresh as “Turkish Legend of Princess Nyale”.

Tips for You Who Want to Go Travel to Lombok

who is not familiar chili with all its beauty. Not less than Bali, Lombok is also very well known for a variety of beauty and natural wealth. In fact, many travelers are choosing to go to Lombok than going to bali for lately. By doing so you may participate curious about how or what kind of chili, and how if you want to travel or go to Lombok. Well some of the following tips may help you.

Tips to Lombok

1. In order not to waste time Ensure wrong and sights

Lombok is very diverse attractions. Even in one of the island you can find more than 20 different tourist attractions. If you’re not looking for from the beginning and you will waste time on the trip. Try already made iteranary or schedule a tour you will visit. If you can try the same list price and schedule needs such as open or closed, and others.

2. Do not forget to bring extra cash

Do not bring a non-cash money will be difficult for you to do on vacation. Especially in areas that may be difficult to machine withdrawals, because the chili is not the mall or plaza. If you fear that you carry too much cash then take that if it were enough for sightseeing or shopping at one or two places. It would be more efficient and make you do not spend too much money.

3. Reservations venue must be done before you arrive

If you want to go to Lombok which is a tourist area, it helps you hire or make lodging reservations since long ago. Especially if you’re looking for a cheap and you will run out of room. For that try to reserve rooms in advance before you go to Lombok.

4. As long as in a vacation, take advantage of Time There

Already up there even sleeping in the hotel? or already up there you even lazy. Wow what a pity you have holidays away. When you use the time you go to the streets of Lombok’s good when you see where you think you are very beautiful and nice it would not hurt you to stop by and enjoy the place. Besides, it’s good if you take advantage of the moment. Perhaps you will confiscate the travel time and cut your travel plans. But do not worry because it takes time without spending any money and just enjoy will be special memories for you when holiday in Lombok.

5. Use the clothes were polite and not too open in the place of others


When in Lombok it helps you keep your clothes in order to remain polite. Religion Islam is thick and includes the majority religion makes modesty clothing is something that must be respected each tourist or tourists, both foreign and domestic. Maybe when you’re on the beach you can use the beach clothes, but proper use.Remember even if you are on vacation and enjoying chili, however, you have to respect his host.



Top 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

The beach is one of the attractions that are in the lowland of the most widely enjoyed by most people. The panoramic beauty of the beautiful sea with the addition of exotic scenery of shady trees, lush and quiet adds to the appeal of this water attractions. If this beach has three elements mentioned above, surely this beach would be very much in demand by tourists. Moreover, if a beach is still very isolated,   so the degree of naturalness of the coast is still very awake. The following are the 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World, which has gili fast boat extraordinary beauty beautiful when compared with other beaches.

Beach beauty

  1. Beach Lanikai Hawaii

Who does not know the beautiful islands of Hawaii that it ?. One of the most beautiful beaches in the world are in the Hawaiian Islands. Lanikai beach is a beach that is still very awake will naturalness, where the panorama promised by the beach is very difficult in describing the string of words. So much beauty that is created in this Lanikai Beach. Typical plant tropical island that thrives in the blue water of this coast. The atmosphere is calm, peaceful, serene, which certainly would you feel if it was in this Lanikai beach. Good sunlight, making as if the sun always follow your trip along the coast of this Lanikai.

  1. Whitehaven Beach Australia

Beautiful beaches of the world are present in the State Australia. Whitehaven Beach, from the name alone is seen that the beach is certainly a promising natural beauty like in heaven. Whitehaven Beach is a beach that is very famous for its beauty in the Australian Continent. The beach is famous for its abundant white sand along the beach is the main attraction for tourists to visit this Whitehaven beach. A mix of white sand with sea water sparkle refracted by the sun creating a color contrast is very distinctive and cool in the eyes. This white sand phenomenon occurs due to the Great Barrier Reef piling rocks that are hit by the tide of millions of years.

  1. The beach Tulum Mexico

The next beautiful beach located in the hemisphere Mexico. Tulum beach that was the name of the beautiful beach. Tulum beach is located right next to the beach Biosphere Reserve Sian Kann. The phenomenon of white sand along the shoreline also will meet you in this Tulum beach. Friendly blue water with a population of around adds to the traveler as much at home to keep lingering on Tulum’s beach.The beach is also equipped with several facilities such as a café, restaurant, hotel, SPA and others. Great ocean current in the beach, many utilized by visitors to engage in snorkeling or swimming around the shoreline.

  1.     Kondoi Beach Japan

As well as the advancement of technology is Japan also has a beach that is not less beautiful with beautiful beaches of the world. Turkish Kondoi is one of the most beautiful beaches of the world are in Japan, located in Okinawa, oh yes beach Kondoi is also very famous for its beaches safest in the world, this is evidenced by where the population around it is never locked their houses, because that’s what this beach be the safest beaches in the World. friendly and welcoming attitude certainly will feel if you visit the beach Kondoi in Japan.

  1. The beach Maldives Maldives

Maldives Island that was the name of the most beautiful beaches in the world who are in the Maldives, the beauty of the coast of Maldives is not located on the coast, but the beauty of the beach is spread over several islands in the islands of the Maldives, and therefore Turkish Maldives is better known as Madives Island. In this Madives beach you will feel an incredible silence, why? Because if you are in this area you will never hear the noise of the sound of a motor vehicle or other types of noise. Really very silent. In coastal areas there are also some Maldives luxury resort, which certainly spoil on the sidelines of your holiday in this Maldives beach.

That’s 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World . How? Are you interested to visit the beautiful beaches of the above? For a refreshing certainly does not hurt you to visit one of the most beautiful beaches of the above.