How Fast way to Get Magical Chest in Clash Royale

Chest is one of the items available in the game clash royale in which there are a lot of resources of gold and gems card there are 3 types of chest which can mate get this to game namely silver chest, chest gold and magical chest.

Of course to get the chest three different levels of difficulty acquiring silver chest with one another is very easy to get the gold chest a little bit difficult but easy while the magical chest very hard to get it.

Well if you feel the difficulties in obtaining and get a magical chest this time I will give you simple tricks and tips fast and free way to get magical chest in game clash royale which can mate trying to emulate and apply.

Need to know how my friend is based on my own experiences that happen to just love this game clash royale okay no need to linger longer refer to step stride sob.

Here’s the trick I In Getting Magical Chest Quickly and Easily

Ensure Free Chest and Crown Chest in the next state.
When doing battle king area bout earned both right and left pal tower destroyed first and then destroy the king tower in the middle.
Win streak battle fight 5 times in a row.
Thus most likely will get a magical chest buddy buddy want.

Here’s a simple trick me in quickly obtaining and get a magical chest if my friend interested to trick me please follow sob here factor of confidence and luck will determine sob okay buddy so first Quick Ways to Get Magical Chest and super magical chest in clash royale cards  is just trying to don good luck thanks may be useful.


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