How to service their own Acer laptop keyboard

Some time ago, my laptop keyboard repair that depressed themselves. in fact I’ve discussed before. but after my further analysis. there are several things that are found by me and I think what often discussed the possibility there was a little mistake. for example, using a cutter to scratch coating on a laptop keyboard that can cause the most damage. on this day, I will try to explain why our keyboard components, and what must we do to fix it.


Based on the analysis that I have collected to repair the laptop keyboard.
Using a cutter to improve the actual keyboard may, however, if the main line of the metal plate on a laptop keyboard,
it is not good but instead will result in keyboard does not work at all. the reason is easy, when we scratch the possibility of such components, metal plate lines that connect to the keyboard disconnected. therefore we must be careful in fixing the keyboard. the results of my analysis, the laptop keyboard has three layers of paper that you can lift with tweezers. so no need to scratch, just in the lift with tweezers and clean the grime on the inside lining of the keyboard.

The first layer which is located above the first metal plate has not connected as point and when pressed those points are the points on the third layer and eventually led or display a response button on the screen in accordance with suppressed. in which the second layer is a barrier so that the first and third layers are not connected directly which ultimately led to his own laptop keyboard keys depressed. while the third layer is the main component of which is connected with several lines metal plate to the laptop. Now that you know the components of the keyboard. Next we will try several ways to fix it.

Fixing a laptop keyboard that pressure continues.

The first thing that we have to do is check the virus, if the current in windows desktop keyboard depressed themselves. then we have to check whether previously obtain the file from the internet or not. if yes then delete the file first or loose. then test your laptop back. alter ego, is to turn off the laptop and then turn it on again. listen to the sound of the laptop before the windows logo appears. if the laptop so it hangs (dark blank screen), or no sound as the alarm sounding continuously. if yes certainly does damage to the keyboard on a laptop that can result from dust or other things. but if there is no noise or error before the windows logo, and in the end turned out to be only a problem when the desktop only. then certainly there is a viral infection that caused the laptop keyboard depressed continuously.

For laptops antecedent infection by the virus, we test again by pressing the F8 key after the first logo appears. and then we try to safe mode menu windows, for others there F12 keys and so on, so please try it yourself. after successfully entered safe mode menu windows, we will see that the laptop keyboard stopped depressed themselves. then after that clean the virus with our favorite antivirus. If you ask why we have to scan with the antivirus through the windows safe mode, the reason is simple. if in normal mode, it will be a bit difficult to use antivirus and so on because the keys on the keyboard are always under pressure himself, while in safe mode windows, and if it is a virus that works, then the keyboard will definitely stop depressed themselves. already understand right now.

for damage due to dust or other things, then we see the first button on the keyboard part that depressed themselves. as an example. the letter A. The key then lift it off the keyboard component. then use 2 pieces of tweezers to lift and push up out of the dust components. so one pair of tweezers to lift, and one of her longer to drive. if indeed exposed to dust, then the laptop will be back to normal. whereas if you are still having problems depressed own keyboard, then try with another key analysis, whether the buttons the others are affected as well, causing the main switch is damaged. Also clean the other buttons. in my opinion, disconnect the keyboard of a laptop and then wipe with clapping hands to the keyboard so that all the dust out.

If it had been, but the problem persists, it could be because there is rust due to water-on keyboard laptop or hand sweat and so on. to this problem that I have not found the right solution. but you can try with a rust remover to solve this problem. do not use ordinary water as it will only add to the damage on the laptop keyboard. water will cause the paper to become a scratch and eventually became increasing iron rust. whereas if you use other materials such as gasoline and so might cause paper layer becomes damaged.

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