Tips On Using Facebook On Android

‘ve definitely know familiar dong the same one social media, Facebook, which has the largest number of users in the world amounting to about 1.49 billion users worldwide? Well, for you who like to use Facebook on your Android phone I think 7 tips and tricks the following compulsory very followed let more fun Facebook sharing time on Android. Curious? If so look well Yes.
Benefits of Facebook and twitter for Corporate Management
Use Widgets Facebook
Facebook widget is a simple but Login Page very useful display for you using Facebook every day. This widget features to facilitate you in checking the latest status change also posts your friends without the need to pay attention to other spaces, such as the one on the application in its entirety. In addition, you can also create a status update by simply using the Facebook widget you on your mobile phone display screen your Android.

Manage Your Account Notification
Often not convenient if the notification of the update status can be your friend? Calm, Facebook provides the notification settings that can help you create the notification On and Offset. If doesn’t want to bother with notification notifications for posting wall, Inbox, comments, or request friendship, stay disabled notification is successful.

Find Points Of Interest Around You
Interestingly, Facebook app for Android offers features that can help you create a find of interest your around, while this feature can not be used by Facebook users on the website of his website. Usage is also really easy, you just need to choose the Nearby Places to find interesting places via Facebook. If you’ve been living in tap then all the complete information about the place that can direct you get.

Sharing From Other Applications
Loopers, lately you more friends exist in virtual worlds because they are sharing all of the social media activity to Facebook. You also don’t want to Miss. This is the easiest way for you who want Facebook to automatically connect with all the social media you ranging from Twitter, Path, as well as Instagram.

Check The Security Of Your Account

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