Upgrade a PC to Play Online Games Weight

Upgrade a PC to Play Game Weight. UPGRADE is changed or added some tools (computer hardware) for performance and quality to be better than ever. Here Gamers will be sharing what is needed or needs to be upgraded in order to run heavy games and programs on the PC.

Keep in mind, the computer can be upgraded to have a minimum of intel LGA socket 775 and socket AM3 for AMD. If you are still using Intel Pentium 4 down and down for AMD AM2, you should sell or musiumkan (hehehe) Assemble your computer and the new computer. healthy Pentium IV computer prices are very cheap in the market, so you better save it as a collection.

Why ?

Good question. Computer Pentium IV or AMD AM2 down are no longer able to handle the latest games and weight of the current program. If you are forced to install VGA Mid End though, the result is definitely a bottleneck because procie jadul incapable of handling performance class Mid End VGA Card. Eg Pentium IV 4.2 GHz paired with a VGA Nvidia GTS 450 with a capacity of 1GB Memory Interface GDDR5 128 bit, obviously Procie Pentium IV this slow

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Upgrade a PC to Play Game Weight

If the PC you are going to upgrade is a PC with an Intel Pentium IV processor and AMD AM2 (as described above) is better new change. System requirements game Watch Dog 2014 was Intel Quad Core and AMD 6 Core.
If you use a PC motherboard LGA 775, it still can be upgraded. At least for the next 3 years can still be qualified to run heavy games and programs. LGA 775 still has a high-speed processor, almost on par with Core i5, the Intel Core 2 Quad has four core Core is definitely faster than the Core i3. But the Core 2 Quad is not in Arm with a graphic of a powerful and lose in terms of technology compared to Intel Core i Series. So you have to install additional Graphic Card. Core i5 and i3 must install a graphics card to be able to run games and the weight program. So the same

But the advantages of Core i series are already using higher mobo chipset and supports DDR3 RAM and a SATA 6Gb / s, this is a very distinguish between old technology with LGA 1150 LGA 775 upwards.
If your PC has a processor core i3, i5 or i7, it is definitely muantap buildup can be upgraded anywhere.

If your PC AMD socket AM3 it depends on your pocket, for Socket AM3 processors are a lot of different series at high speed. Even the fastest AMD processor was contained on socket AM3. If you are still using AM1 or AM2 socket, the better selling your PC and assemble a new one

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